Pulled in Deep

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It was well past midnight when I awoke. My head was throbbing insanely and for a moment I forgot about all my other problems as all I focused on was the hurting of my head. Then it all came flooding back, and I realised something really strange. I hadn't had a nightmare. I usually only woke up when I had particularly violent, horrifying dreams. So what woke me up then?

I sat up bolt straight as the sound of voices registered in my mind. My eyes easily adjusted to the dim light of the night and I saw the group of drunken teenagers that was making their way up the street in the direction of the park. This was not good.

I shrunk back against the wall on instinct, trying desperately to shrink into the shadows. There was a chance the teens would just pass by without entering the park and then I'd be fine. And if they didn't notice me here, it would be even better.

But as ever fate decided it would be a nice idea to work against me. The light from the street lamps shone brightly in my direction, making any attempts to blend in and disappear pointless.

One of the drunk guys in the group veered off the street and stumbled into the park, vomiting not-so-gracefully into a bush. Another of the group stayed behind to laugh and yell incoherently as he slapped the vomiting guy on the back. The rest of the group moved on; they hadn't noticed their friends lagging behind amongst the raucous noise they were making in their drunk states.

My breath caught in my throat as I realized how close the drunk teens were. They couldn't have been more than a few years older than me. But they were drunk, and I of all people knew how stupidly people could act when under the influence. I'd witnessed enough of my parents parties to know well the effects of alcohol.

Even if these guys were usually nice people, in this state they could and would do anything to me, especially as drunk as they were.

So when the guy finished hurling and looked up, I froze. It was too late, he'd seen me. With a chuckled remark at his mate, they were quickly both moving in my direction with lustful smirks plastered on their faces.

I reached down and picked up my bag, clutching it for reassurance. My feet seemed stuck to the ground; I couldn't move no matter how hard I tried. It was shock, I guessed. Despite all the bad things that had happened to me already, it was hard to believe this was happening.

I pressed myself against the tunnel wall, as if that would help protect me from molesters. The guys were approaching fast and I started to hyperventilate.

"Hey princess!" one mockingly called. "What are you doing out so late at night?"

A snarky response crossed my mind but I squashed it down, knowing that if I tried to talk I'd probably pass out. And this situation was not at all one to be unconscious in.

"It's alright, darling." the second boy drew out the offensive noun teasingly. "We won't hurt you." he finished with a wicked smile etched into his features.

I squeezed my eyes tight for a brief moment as they grew closer. I felt trapped. I was scared The only exit I had was the other end of the tunnel, which was overhung with branches that I would certainly get caught up in if I tried to escape. And the drunk guys were still advancing each moment.

Keeping them in my sights, I edged slowly along the wall. I didn't have a plan, I just knew that I had to get away. I almost tripped over a stick on the ground and I glanced downwards just for a moment.

That was a mistake.

A meaty hand grabbed my wrist and I felt steaming breath on my neck. I turned my head, feeling petrified, to see one of the men standing as close to me as humanly possible. I tried to shake off his grip but he just redoubled it, chuckling darkly.

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