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The sunlight shone through my bedroom curtains, breaking through my sleepy haze and waking me up. All fatigue leaving me I sat up and stretched, glancing over to the bed beside me where Laura still slept soundly. For a moment I was disoriented (after spending almost a year sleeping anywhere but a bedroom, why wouldn't I be?) but then I remembered and relaxed.

Everything was good, in fact it was perfect. I lived with wonderful people, I was safe, I was happy, and the world had been set right. It was as if the past troubles had never even happened, sometimes.....

Owen, Laura and I had been here for about three weeks now, adjusting to this new life. In the beginning, Laura had been uneasy because of leaving her family but in one call home it was all resolved. I don't know exactly what her conversation with her father comprised of but I do know that he hurled all kinds of abuse at her and she hung up with furious tears in her eyes and told me straight up that she wanted to stay with us. I was glad; if her father treated her in that way, then he didn't deserve her loyalty or love. So now the three of us lived as Karla's sort-of foster children, though most of the time we were home alone, as Karla was busy putting the nation back together.

Swinging my legs out of bed, I pulled on a dressing gown Karla had gifted me and headed out of the bedroom. Pulling the gown, right around me, I entered the kitchen, where Owen was cooking omelets on Karla's stove. Her house was nice, and far better than the one I used to live in. Being four-bedroomed, Karla got one, Owen got one, one was Karla's study, and Laura and I shared the last. The town she lived in was fairly remote, but it had a fairly big news corporation situated there, which explained Karla's occupation.

"Good morning." Owen greeted me brightly and as I came beside him he wrapped an arm around my waist.
I glanced at him with a smile. I didn't know what we were but I liked it; our relationship was comfortable and relaxing, and it made me feel so very special.

He flipped the last omelette onto the plate laid out and I quickly grabbed the parsley and cheese he had for a filling, and folded it into each omelette.

As we set the food down on the table, we heard the front door opening and the jingling of Karla's keys. Both Owen and I immediately perked up. She was never home.

"Hello, you guys!" She came into the room with a big smile on her face but she looked tired. She crossed over and grabbed up the tv remote, pointing at the set on the wall to turn it on. we waited patiently, knowing she had a purpose, as she flipped to the news channel (which had gone haywire recently) and then gave a content sound before sitting down with us at the table.

We watched the screen as a male reporter interviewed a man in a suit. They were discussing the recently organized democratic government our country had managed to achieve, and how he had been elected by a vote from all the people as the best candidate for prime minister. It took a minute before I recognized him.

"That's William!" I exclaimed, widening my eyes at Karla. She nodded happily.

"A brilliant choice, I think." she told me. "John was too bitter and Sara too much of a control freak, and the rest of the candidates didn't understand. Our new nation has done well."

I agreed wholeheartedly. In the few meager weeks that had passed, our country had managed to pull itself out of the gutter and become a shining star amongst our world. We had a new government, a system for dividing the wealth of the old order so that everybody benefited, new agreements with other countries and powers, and a better respect for each other. For once in my life I'd found that everybody cared and it was just amazing! It's scary how suffering at that scale can change the way people think.

We sat together, laughing and chatting, talking amongst ourselves about recent conspirings, until Karla told us some great news.

"That means I'm done with working out all this stuff, it's in their hands now." she smiled and my eyebrows shot up in surprise. "I'll be able to be around more, I'm getting back into reporting and soon I'll be able to organise school and stuff for you."

"So you'll stay for now?" I asked delightedly.

She nodded. "Things are finally all in place."

That they were.

As Owen and I argued over who should get the last omelette, Laura waltzed into the room, looking bright and cheery. Her eyes lit up when she saw Karla and she ran over to give her a hug.

"You're here!" She exclaimed, sitting down at the table with us.

We laughed at her enthusiasm.

"I'll be here every morning now." Karla told her, to Laura's absolute joy.

"Oh that's wonderful! So everything's sorted out?"

Karla glanced around the table, seeming to consider everyone and all that had happened.

Then she smiled, bobbing her head down and up. "It is. And you know what? I think things are gonna be totally fine from here on out."

So we sat happily, finishing breakfast and talking, my new family. And Karla was absolutely right; after that, everything was perfectly fine.

I guess it must have been destiny.

WOOH! I finally finished it, all of it!

I'm so happy; it's been stressful having to write this story because I kind of lost interest and the end is complex so yeah.

I hope that you enjoyed what you read in this story and that you won't think any less of me because of my shoddy plot and writing style.

And, for the last time ever on this story, thanks for reading! :)

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