Just an Ordinary Day at School

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Lyron High School.

I stood outside the gates of this school, my school, about twenty minutes before it was supposed to open. I felt rather uncomfortable, as other people waiting outside the school kept staring at me curiously.

I self-consciously ran my hand through my birds nest of hair and patted down my crumpled, day old clothes. Oh gosh. I was already starting to look homeless and it hadn't even been a day.

It was a relief when the bell rang and the school gates opened. I made my way straight to the library and logged onto one of the computers in there. I sifted through government sites, trying to find something on the law the man had mentioned last night. A part of me was hoping that he had got it wrong and that this afternoon I'd be able to go to the local council and ask them to provide a home for me. The other part of me knew that there wasn't much chance of that.

After searching through a couple of recent laws I found the law I'd dreaded. Apparently, a few years back 'due to over-population and congestion of orphans in foster homes, the National Government is now only responsible for finding homes for children up to the age of thirteen." So the man wasn't lying. And since I was fifteen I was on my own with finding a place to live.

I logged off the computer and buried my head in my hands. It wasn't fair, there wasn't anyone to take me in. My parents didn't have any living family that I knew of, pretty much everyone I'd ever met thought I was filth because of my parents, and with the way I was in right now it's not like anyone would want me living with them. I had a small job working at a grocery store, but it didn't pay much, nowhere near enough for me to buy or rent myself a place to live. My hands fell from my face and clenched into fists as I remembered what the man had said last night; 'Get a job, do something useful for a change.' I really wished I could smash his head in, even if that is a little drastic.

As I got up to leave the library, the bell rang and so I had to sprint, first to my locker and then to class.

I took my seat nervously, worried about my bedraggled appearance and lack of writing utensils. My teacher, Mr Taggert, called the roll in his droning voice as I pulled my hair out of the scruffy ponytail it had been in and tied it up into a generally neat bun. One of the popular girls in my class glanced at me in annoyance, muttering something that sounded like; 'Can't she do that at home?' and I felt my eyes start to sting. I cursed myself for it, as I realized I wasn't doing a very good job of being strong about my current homeless status.

Mr Taggert finished the roll and began the class. It was History this morning, yay! Not. Basically I sat there for an hour, bored to death until I had to go to my next class, Science.

Argh, school was going to be the death of me today. My normally boring classes now felt like torture. I was out of there like a shot when the bell rang and I headed out to recess. I sat down in my usual spot at a lone picnic table, and was going through my bag when someone slid into place beside me.

"Hey Dest, how are you?" Laura asked.

Ok, I may have been lying earlier when I said I had no friends, but it's close enough. Laura Grace, a blonde, willowy girl in my grade, was the only person to have ever thought of me as someone other than the drunk people's kid. So naturally we became friends. Her parents didn't approve of our friendship though, they were incredibly strict, especially about their reputation, and to them I was nothing but filth. Laura didn't care fortunately, otherwise I would be lonelier and more depressed than I already am. I made sure to smile at her as she sat beside me.

"I'm alright." I answered her question, lying smoothly. "What about you?"

"Oh I'm great!" she grinned at me. "I was talking to Shaun, you know that cute boy I told you about the other day? Yeah, well I think he really likes me and he's started sitting next to me in English!"

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