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Fighting the Good Fight

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I was inside Karla's news van. At least, it had looked like a news van, but when I entered I found it was a bit more high-tech than that. Complex computer systems lined the walls of the van, with controls and wires and all sorts of connections. Man, this Karla girl was good at what she did. I watched silently as she waited for the data on the camera William had brought to save on her USB.

Making a little satisfied noise, Karla pulled out the USB and inserted it into the processing unit of the computer to her left, the one hooked up to the aerial on the roof. She pulled a headset from its position on the wall and clipped it to her ear, a microphone attachment reaching her mouth, and then her hands moved rapidly across the keyboard.

"Hello?" she said, and I knew her to be talking to the colleague from before. Apparently whoever it was was good with technology and would be hacking the broadcast line to get Karla's feature on there. "Su, hi. I've got everything now, I just uploaded John's camera..... Yes, I added the footage of Destiny." she glanced towards me, where I sat idly twiddling my thumbs. Karla listened intently once more as her hands flew across the keyboard, and she tweaked bits here and there on the monitor. "So you think you're prepared for tonight's broadcast? Mm.. Yeah.. It is a big thing, yeah. It's okay, I'm positive you'll be able to handle it... It's really good that you're doing this, I'm really grateful... yeah. We've almost done it, Su." she closed her eyes and leaned back, a peaceful smile coming onto her face as her hands ceased their movement. Suddenly I felt as if I was intruding on something important. This was where Karla worked. This was the culmination of all her effort to bring down the work of our morally corrupt government. The way she spoke about it, it was clear that she'd wanted that outcome for so long and it was within her grasp. I felt a surge of empathy for this woman, no matter how little I knew her. All she wanted was peace, for the suffering to end. I truly hoped that she got it. Finally Karla opened her eyes once more and staring intently at the controls, made a precise jab at an enter key and the screen showed the uploading of something. "I've sent it, Su. It's in your hands now." Silence for a moment. "I'll talk to you later. Just remember, this all depends on you. See ya."

We sat there in a blissful silence for a while, with nothing but the sound of Karla's fingers clacking against the keyboard to break it. I wondered why she'd brought me in here, but figured she just hadn't known what to do with me otherwise. Finally she finished whatever she was doing, and swivelled around in her chair to face me.

"Well, that's all organised now." she smiled kindly and brightly. "So what do you think of all this then Destiny?"

I blinked rapidly. Boy, she really was a inquisitive person, wasn't she? Well, she's a reporter. It's her job, I thought. Shut up, I snapped mentally back. I turned my attention firmly on Karla.

"Uh, um- about what, exactly?" I managed weakly.

"About all this." she gestured generally with her hands. "The government, the injustice, our plan to stop it."

"Oh." I thought for a moment. How on earth was I supposed to reply to that. "Um..."

"It's been so hard for you." Karla interrupted me, thankfully because I had no idea what I'd been going to say. She leaned forward and placed a hand on my knee. "I know you've been through some terrible things, and that all your life you've never been able to fit in anywhere. I just want you to know that if you ever want to talk about anything, I'm here. Okay?"

I nodded, a small smile on my face. It may have been strange to say this about someone I'd met only hours before, but I was really starting to trust Karla. Talking to her, even if it was just for the broadcast, and pouring out my heart about every event in my life had really calmed me down, made me feel... content almost. I felt like I really could talk to Karla about anything, and that made me feel great. Suddenly I realised how impolite I was being to someone who'd been so kind to me.

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