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I stood still in the rain, watching the tall man in the top hat walk slowly away without a care of what would happen to me. I didn't know what I was going to do. I had no family, no friends left, no one who cared enough to take me in. I was sure my life was over, that there was nothing left to live for. Tears streamed down my face, mixing with the water from the rain, and, realizing there was nothing left for me here, I fled, taking with me only what I was holding. I didn't have anything else.

My name is Destiny, and this is how my journey began.


Authors note: So basically I was not in a good mood one day and so decided to write something depressing. To be honest I don't know what this story is meant to mean, and I'm pretty sure noone will like it, but i'm putting it out there anyway. So yeah, thanks for reading this.

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