Am i strong enough?

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I remember my past life, i remember watching anime, i remember my..past family...

Am i strong enough to prevent some things like saving the future fourth hokage from death itself? Could i befriend them? Should i befriend even with the knowledge that i will kill my new family instead of my brother so he would live with our gonna be younger brother? Can i live knowing that one day i will take my brothers place in massacring our family one day?

Can i live knowing i will hurt my brothers and friends? I'm not strong enough, but i will get stronger one day to do it all. I will do everything in my power to protect them, even if people think it's impossible i will proceed on, i will not stop, i will continue on in life, like i did in my past life before i died..

People say impossible but i say it's never impossible unless you give up before you truly began. I run and run on in my mind, confused on what to do. But i will do what i think is right, impossible? Blah it's never impossible even if it seems like it is. What people say and think are two different things, they may say they love you but think differently. They may say they hate you but might think i don't hate you but you don't have to know that.

Their actions are different from their reasons, like trying to take over the world, but it might be to protect someone they care about. They might keep a distance from their family, just trying to make sure their in little pain as possible when they die.

Everything's different, not everything it known. What should i do? I don't want to die again...but i will do it for them...for my brothers and my might be friends....maybe someday they will find out about this and accept my apology...but the question is...

Am i strong enough to take this responsibility?


Ok i hope you like this chapter and continue reading whenever i post chapters. It might take a while or longer then usual becAuse right now I'm not like inspired enough to write or know what to write. I'm just lucky enough to get this one done...

Though i will try and post those chapter that i think need an update because it's been a week or two..

Well until next time....ja ne~!

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