sleeping little brother and older sibling watching..

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I watched them silently, i let out a small genuine smile as our little brother fell asleep.

Our older brother laying next to him and silently watched with a small gentle smile.

It's good to see itachi smiling, he doesn't do it much unless it's with me and some of the others that are close to him.

I let my eye's soften a bit as i ended lost in a memory when i was younger...


I was awake again, i didn't know why though. I glance around the room, confused at what woke me up.

I look over to my twin, who was still thankfully asleep. I let myself feel relief that he was still asleep and not awake.

I look around the room silently, wondering if there was something wrong that woke me up.

But i couldn't find anything my eye's could see. Maybe if i try and sense them, i might be able to see what's wrong.

But before i could do anything my twin started shifting around as if in discomfort..

I looked over to see him moving around like he was in a nightmare. So i head-butted him to wake him up...what? Did you expect me to try and wake him up with these small chubby arms? Don't worry i did it softly enough to wake him up but not to hurt him...

He woke up swiftly, looking at me with tears in his eye's. I hesitantly move my arms up and hug him.

He immediately snuggled up to me, wrapping his arms around me, returning the hug. I let him hug me until sleep came to both of us.

..and when we woke, no one noticed us like this. Not even our parents...

~flashback end~

I came back from remembering, then i noticed itachi fell asleep from watching our little brother. I let a small smile show briefly, i made my way over there, picking a blanket up as i did so. When i got close enough, i placed the blanket over the both of them.

I then sat down and watched them for a while. Using my awakened sharingan to memorize this moment. This moment is what i will never forget, even in death.

I will remember, itachi...sasuke...remember one day that i will always love you and do what i can to protect you....

But i will probably be dead when you finally remember...i am sorry for the pain that i will cause you both, but i would rather kill the rest of the family then having to kill the both of you....

Forgive me one day is all i ask of you in my heart.....


Yay! I'm finished! Done after a month or so! I'm sorry for the long wait but i finally knew what to put on this and finished! So until next time,

Ja ne~!

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