To The World You May Be One Person, But To One Person, You May Be The World(part 3)

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That was my lesson of the day and my very first english assignment at this school.-to find someone that is just-well-someone, and find out if they have that special thing that makes them lovable(you know-humour, IQ, friends, cool trainers?) just kidding bout that last part, the cool trainers is my thing. i buy them as bright as i can, then wear them with skinnies and hoodies in dark colours to draw attention to my shoes. my parents didn't approve though. aunt mabel especially.

oh, i get it now! i know for sure she is a vampire coz vampires don't like bright things like sunlight, so of course she wouldn't like my bright trainers!!! everything was coming together so nicely. all the pieces fit. if only my only friend wasn't a vampire slayer, then my life would be so cool. but then again, i guess you need a bit of adventure...

then it hit me! the assignment! i would use mike as my thing-er sorry-person,-to make boyfriend material. of course that wouldn't take much. just a bit less of the vampire slayer, bit more coommon sense, and hey presto, even i would date him! the only thing now though, is how to change him without him knowing. we were given a list of rules to abide by for the assingment. rule no.1 was that it had to be secretive. only the person doing the assignment was allowed to know what was being changed.

rule 2--- you are going to work in teams of 2, and each of you is going to create a poster, which you will present in class at the end of term, on how to change something on the inside, without being changed on the outside. what? didn't get it either. oh well. then i noticed some tiny minischule writing on the bottom that read-dear new girl~(new girl? who she think she is calling me new girl)~you will be paired with mike. he told me you met him on the train and were more than friendly to him, so i thought what a wonderful idea for you two to be paired together! good luck! and remember-have fun!

have fun? with him? i was more than what now to him? -cue earth to swallow me up- ouch! vampire paired with potention death threat. ok, so i know no one has told me i'm a vampire, but since my dad seemed to be one, and my aunt is definately batty-get it ,batty (they can turn into bats?)?- like one, i thought why not? and if i wasnt one, no biggie. just creepy coincidence. i guess...

well then, if i was paired with him, we were going to work together. not me doing all the work, and him just getting al the female attetion then taking all the credit like in my last school. i caught him in the classroom at breaktime and set him straight

"right. it seems like we are paired with each other for this project, so we are going to work TOGETHER! capiche?"

"ok ok. i was just gonna talk to u about that. after lunch, obviously."

"oh obviously!(in a sarcastic tone). so how we gonna do this thing. " before he could say his idea, i ctold him my almost brilliant plan! "i know. we each do a before and after of our chosen project then tape them together and describe how they got changed into something better, smething peace with the world. something even a cannibal wouldn't want to harm."

he stared at me intently, then quickly looked at the notice board and ran out of the room.

"I'll take that as an ok then! we start tomorrow lunch!"


Mike's POV

wow. i had no idea she could be so deep. something more at peace with the world? hmm... but what to change...or who? i then stared at Fierra and had my great idea. she stared right back so i looked away and ran out of the room hoping she wouldn't suspect a thing. but how to get a photo before and after? and how to change her without her knowing? oh! i would invite her round tonight for tea and take some photos then. after that, i could maybe get an insight into her life, behind he scenes and figure out exactly what i wanted to change about her.

she shouted after me but i couldn't hear what she was saying. i think she said 'ok. we'll start tomorrow' or something. i ran back to the classroom before end of break and found her still at her desk fiddling with a pink fluffy pen. she looked kind of cute...wait? did i just say that? she was new. i don't go for new girls. i dont go for any girls. my dad doesn't want me to mess up my training coz he thinks i want to be a vampire slayer like him. world-famous. but all i want to do right now is get into uni when i'm older and become a chemistry teacher.

i waltzed right up to her and came out with it before my mind could stop me.

"tonight. 7pm. my house. comming home with me."

she spun around and looked really confuzed. the light caught her hair and made it stop thinking she's cute. remember-u cant have a girlfriend.

"what? but i promised auntie mabel i would be home at 6 to take care of tea. she can't cook. or she won't cook. i never know which."

"then call her. she won't mind. i'll ring my dad and tell him to cook extra. u like ittalian food right?" she nodded with cunfuzzlement and with that i ran out of the room so fast it was unbelievable. i just asked a girl to come to my house!!! oh crapola. i just asked A GIRL! what will dad say? and i only just met her. wait, if i tell him it's for our project he wont be so mad...will he? i mean i'm not exactly lying. it IS for our project. plus i want to get to know her. we didnt exactly get off to the best start on the train. my mind is doing it again. stop fancying her and flirting with her and just get on with what u are supposed to be doing-which is nothing! honestly.i guess with brains you can't choose them. you get what your given. and i was given the wrong one. my father was a world famous vampire slayer and here i was, fancying the pants off the palest girl in school who had the nicest hair ever and was the only person who looked good in our uniform. she wasn't dying to be thin either! that's a plus.


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