a big change to my life, massive change to my heart(part 7)

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wow! for a moment there i thought i wasn't going to make it back round again, but i think the smell of my boyfriends shoe did the trick! oh, did i not tell you? well, let me give you a little insight into my world:

name:fierra woodstock

occupation: high schooler with a twisted mind who once thought i was a vampire (vampires, huh? everyone knows they don't exist!)

boyfriend? Mike kimpson. he's been so sweet and looked after me ever since i got out of hospital 2 months ago. he's a vampire slayer (but if you ask me, i think he looks more like a vampire with that really pale skin and emmet cullen like features!) although, he never did say what i was in hospital for. as far as i know, i told him a wasn't really a vampire, he asked me out and we got an a for our english report.

so there you go. enough for now? good, i need to get on with my next big dilemma. my aunt mabels getting married! to her gardener, matt(too many m's) the guy is like 6 feet tall, 20 years younger and i don't know what they seee in each other. love at first sight? more like love at first bite. i say that because when mabel first met him, her dentures fell out and scratched his wrist. i don't think he's ever quite forgivven her but they're getting married and asked me to be maid of honour. naturally i get to bring a guest along to walk down the aisle with and naturally, i'm bringing mike along as he is matt's best man and my one in amillion boyfriend(there needs to be more mike's in the world, i think.)

sometimes. i think how we got together. i don't know why, i just can't help wondering that there is a dark secret that he isn't telling me. it's probably nothing, but even still, i'l ask him.

i went to my super-cool Lamborghini (a birthday pressie, what else?) and tried to get in without damaging my brand new purple sparkly dress bought specially for my aunt's engagement party.


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