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"Good morning dad",Jayden had said to his father. On impulse Zach turned from the shutters and faced his son.
"Morning son", Zach had replied Jayden, Zach knew Jay was not happy about their discussion last night but he had no other option on this, Jay had to marry Isabella to strengthen his alliance with holyfield group of companies.
"The investors for the business deal has accepted our proposals, so I want you and your group to work towards making this deal a huge success. "That's alright dad I'll do just that"he said with an expressionless face.
"One more thing" Zach said making Jay's heart do a tango dance because he knew what was coming. "Yes dad? " .
"I want you to think about what we said last night ", Zach said.
I've told you dad am never going to marry Bella, when am ready I'll get a wife but marrying Bella is never an option for me. With that he walked out of the office.

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