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Jade's pov

I rushed out of the house by 6:45am to get the first bus in order to beat the early morning traffic. I was used to waking up early nd leaving the house but I was terribly worried about sapphire, she had seen troubles too much for a girl her age, but I always prayed for her safety.

Without watching I kept walking and almost got hit by a car but the horn brought be back from my trance.
"Hey are you blind, or where you trying to get yourself killed ", the driver of the car had said. "Am sorry I did not mean to get in your way", I had replied not wanting to stir up trouble, so I kept on walking.

"Young lady",the man who had almost knocked me down said to me few seconds later after following me,"yeah?" I asked quizzically, " Am sorry for snapping at you, I didn't mean to.
Not expecting the apology I was short of words but managed to stutter my understanding, after apologizing the young man asked if he could give me a ride, I nodded and mumbled my thank you.
" so my name is Jayden". The man had said to me.
I looked at him and smiled,for the first time I took in his appearance. He had midnight black hair, sea blue eyes which you could drown in, high cheekbones and a plump lips which looked very nice for kissing. Beating my self up for the direction if my thoughts I could feel my cheeks turn a shade red and I turned to find Jay having a smirk on his handsome face.
"like what you see huh?" I could feel my self blush harder,for lack of words u just smiled I turned to the road.

On getting to my destination I got down from the car and mumbled a thank you across to Jay, about leaving Jay held my hand and immediately I felt spark of electricity shoot through my fingers I pulled my hand away and ran off.

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