chapter 1-

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In a swampy area of Los Angeles, Jade Anderson up with a groggy feeling after going to bed the previous night without dinner and having had a restless night by having mosquitoes feast on her.

She turned to the other side of the bed in their tiny one room apartment and watched her little sister sleep.

Even at a very tender agent,Jade and her sister sapphire had faced many difficulties in life which all began with the death of their parents. She was barely sixteen when she started fending for her self and her sister. Even after three years fending for their needs was a difficult task.

Not wanting to bring past memories up, Jade got up from bed and bustled around to get her chores done and prepare for school.

I got out from bed early this morning with anger flowing through my blood stream in remembrance of yesterday's fight with my dad. I was tired of dad's persistent nagging for me to get married to the: only daughter and child of George and Marietta Greene.

Being the only child Isabella was pampered and spoilt rotten , I couldn't stand her presence for a dayu not to talk of spending my life with her

Pushing aside thoughts of Bella I poured my self a cup of steaming coffee to calm my nerves. An hour later I was on my way to the office.

On my arrival to the office I was informed by my secretary that my dad wanted to see me, I groaned inwardly because I knew he was going to bring up last nights topic again. Not wanting to show how it affected me I put up the facade of non-chalance thereby hiding and taming my anger.

Stepping into the well furnished and plush office of my dad I faced him with a cold stare and sadistic smile,
     " good morning dad ".

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