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Working at a coffee shop has been one of the most challenging and exciting thing Jade has been opportune to do in all twenty-one years on earth. It kept her on her toes all day and made her experience meeting new people.
     Today was a bit different because Jade woke up with a groggy feeling, she wondered if things could get any worse for her after she arrived late to work and was welcomed by the disapproving look of her boss old ol' Mrs Kent and a scolding from her. She vegan her daily routine of waiting on aggressive and kind customers.
      As though drawn by a magnetic force, Jade turned towards the door and saw the approaching figure of the last person she wanted to see when her body said the direct opposite. Scurrying around to hide from him, Jay strode towards her and spoke in a voice filled with amusement and also pent up anger, "good morning ginger".

I was dumbfounded to find out he still remembered me after two months of our last encounter. Recollecting my stance and composure I gave him my most practised and enchanting smile. " Morning sir, may I help you".
I saw a flicker of anger light up his wife and disappear immediately that I wondered if what I saw was a figment of my imagination ."well I'll need a steaming cup of espresso and an apple pie please", he walked away flashing me a grin that made my inside melt sending a jolt of electric to my core and making my knee turn to jelly. I just couldn't believe the power this mouthwatering male specimen wielded over me. He exuded sexual prowess!! I could feel the is dual tension between us.

  I just couldn't believe my luck today waking up to an incessant erotic dream of me with miss ginger * note the sarcasm*. I was once again frustrated and helpless the damn girl didn't have a fucking social life for crying out loud, at rimes I wondered if met a ghost because even the best p.l New York had to offer could not trace her. It seems God saw my distress and couldn't let me carry along face that day so my mood was alleviated when my secretary called to inform me of a business deal I was pursuing or pushing through.
Getting up from my bed lazily I decided to take a quick shower and stop by Mrs Kent's for a cup of coffee and one of her infamous apple pie.
      After dressing up I went down to my car and drove down the street to Mrs Kent's and the enticing odour of waffles drifted to my nose. I went inside the person I saw who caught my fancy was the fucking object of my insomnia. I smiled feeling satisfied.
    Seeing ginger scurry about that I had to get to her fast before she slipped out of my reach again so I covered the distance between me and my fantasy. I greeted Mrs Kent on my way to the counter."Good morning ginger "I said, seeing the rigid set of her shoulders I knew she definitely remembered me. Turning around she replied in the most formal and businesslike manner that had my blood boiling with anger at how she acted so composed as though she had never met me before. Not wanting to spoil my mood I decided to revisit the case. So I ordered breakfast and walked away. From my peripheral view I could see her ogling me unabashedly and almost drooling, I smirked because I knew I was not the only one feeling the sexual tension between us. My day couldn't get any better.

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