Chapter 5-

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After jade's incident with Jay she felt so shaken throughout the day and couldn't concentrate on anything. She tried occupying her mind with something else and going on a job hunt was just the perfect remedy to that

After going for different job interview jade finally got a job as a waitress in a diner.

Entering her apartment tired but happy she saw her sister waiting up for her.
"Hey saph ,how was your day"
"Fine I waited up for thought you weren't ever gonna come back " sapphire had retorted.
"Am sorry honey I had to look for a job and guess what I got one!!!!", jade screamed hysterically for joy and sapphire unable to stop herself shared in her sister's happiness.
After their shouting calmed down jade went ahead to prepare dinner for both of them,she made double cheese sandwich and a diet coke.
After their dinner they retired for bed but sleep was far for jade all she could think of was the tingling feeling she felt when Jay had touched her.
She had been touched by a few guys but never had she been so affected .

She tossed and turned throughout the night unable to blink her eyes in sleep.

On the other part of the city same could be said for Jay or worst ,having thought about the green eyed beauty with a ginger red hair he knew next to nothing about he could feel his frustration and anger build up a notch knowing he could do nothing about it made his blood boil with all the pent up anger, Jay decided to do what he knew could help.
"Hello Camilla ",
"Hello sir", "I need you to search up for the best p.I you can find and send me the details ASAP "
"OK sir I'll do that immediately "

After speaking to his secretary needing to vent his anger in something Jay changed into sweatpants and a grey T-shirt and went to the gym.

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