Chappy 2

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"Everyone! Morning homeroom is about to start!" Iida, the class rep announced as he sprinted towards the front of the class. "Stop talking and take your seats!"

(Y/n) rested her cheek on her hand, shaking her head at the blue-haired male's actions.

"We're already in our seats."

"You're the only who's not."

Iida slumped his head down as he plopped down in his seat, irritated by the chance to show his skills as a dependable class rep being blown off.

"Shoot!" he choked out, his whole body shaking from the irritation which made Koda quite afraid.

"Don't worry about it," Uraraka encouraged the frustrated male.

(Y/n), who had started tracing her finger over her desk in boredom, turned to Katsuki. "Hey, Katsuki."

"What?" he grumbled as he gave the girl a side look.

"Do you think Mr. Aizawa will be teaching us today? I mean with the injuries he sustained and all?" the girl asked, her voice laced with wonder and curiosity.

Katsuki merely shrugged and looked away from the girl. The female sighed as she went back to tracing lines on the desk. It wasn't as if she was expecting an answer from him, he also was in the dark as her.

The opening of the door caught everyone's attention, every head turning in its direction.

"Morning," Mr. Aizawa greeted, but this time, his face was completely wrapped up in bandages, his arms too were supported and wrapped in them, making him look like a mummy.

"Mr. Aizawa, you're back too soon!" most of the shocked students mused as they took in their teacher's appearance.

"You're too much of a pro!" Kaminari said, his face twisted in shock and horror.

"So you're alright, Mr. Aizawa?" Iida asked, his usual loud voice accompanied by his hand raised up in the air.

"Can you really call that 'alright'?" Uraraka asked as she watched the teacher limp towards the front of the class.

(Y/n) stared at Mr. Aizawa as her mind went back to his earlier injuries she had seen on him back at USJ.

I don't think I'd even get out of bed if I were that hurt...(Y/n) thought as her eyes raked down his numerous bandages.

"My well-being doesn't matter," the dark-haired teacher said, his usual monotonous voice still the same. "More importantly, the fight is not yet over."

"Huh?" (Y/n) gasped, her hand dropping from her cheek in surprise.


"Don't tell me..."

"The villains again..?!" a scared, shaking Mineta inquired, beads of sweat visible on his face.

Mr. Aizawa took a moment of silence before he added. "The U.A. Sports festival is drawing near."

Everyone's face shone with immediate excitement. "That's a super normal school event! The sports festival!"

Kirishima sat up in his chair, his hand clenched into a fist as he gushed out excitedly. "That's a super normal school event-"

"Wait a minute," Kaminari cut him off by covering his face with his hand to stop him from continuing.

"Is it okay to have a sports festival so soon after the villains snuck inside?" Jirou questioned the teacher.

"What if they attack us again or something...?" Ojiro added, agreeing with Jiro.

"Yeah, I mean, aren't they going to take advantage of the fact that thousands of people are going to be there?" (Y/n) agreed, returning all attention to Mr. Aizawa.

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