Imagine-- Minho

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Imagine sneaking out to meet with Minho.
Sorry if this is really short

Since I am the only girl in the Glade Alby had enforced a new rule which was and I quote "No one is supposed to be more than friends with her or I will personally feed them to the Grievers". I'm not kidding he actually said that.

But I have feelings for Minho and we've been secretly meeting in the watch tower. I woke up and saw a note saying "meet me as soon as you get this."

I made my way up to the watch tower making sure no one followed me. Suddenly two arms wrapped around my waist and I turn to see Minho standing with a smirk on his face.

"I see you got my note." He grinned. "Of course I got it. You tapped it to my forehead while I was sleeping." He started laughing and I covered his mouth with my hand "Do you want everyone to hear us?" He just shrugged.

He leaned down and kissed me passionately. Trailing kisses down my neck when his watch beeped. He looked at the watch "Shuck. I got to run the maze right now, Y/N. We will continue this when I come back."

You continued with your job as a builder and he was back before you knew it. He quickly showered and then both of you went to your bedroom.

Let's just say neither of you slept..... much. 😉

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