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"It's gorgeous," his rough fingertips caressed the swell of her bare stomach.

"You're gorgeous," he stood up from where he had been kneeling in front of her.

She blushed unconsciously as she slipped on one of her large T-shirts that acted as a nightgown.

She slipped her bra straps over her shoulders and pulled it skillfully through her sleeve shirt, throwing it to the hamper.

But now she was ready for bed and he would be leaving.

She didn't want to be alone again.

"Sirius," she stopped him mid-step as he headed for the door.

"Will you stay, just for tonight..." she gestured to the darkening sky visible her open window.

Remus had left hours ago. It was a full moon.

"I can't sleep and well ... it used to work before."

"I remember," he smiled gently as he moved over to her.

She looked confused for a moment before he bent to scoop her up.

She laughed as he carried her bride-style to the bed.

She almost fell out of his arms as he tried to both carry her and pull back the bed sheets.

"I'll have to work on that one," he chuckled as he laid her on the bed and proceeded to tuck her in.

He jumped to the other side of the bed and slid in beside her, tucking the sheets around himself so that no cold air could reach her.

They moved simultaneously towards each other; Hermione's back snuggled against his soft cotton shirt and his hands wrapping softly around her middle, cradling their extra companion.

"I'm worried about Harry," she whispered to him in the darkened room.

"I know, but I'm here to help him now too... we've got one less down now don't we?"

It was true. After Harry's rash decision to tell Sirius about the horcruxes, one of which Hermione was at first completely scandaled by but now secretly wished to kiss Harry for, Sirius had immediately recognized the writing of the letter, having been the script of his younger brother. The locket was found to be right under their noses and they proceeded to destroy it, a dark mark in the carpet the only sign that a part of Tom Riddle's soul once resided in the Manor.

But they still had far to go.

"Mmm," was her noncommittal reply.

"You'll be here," he annoyingly read her worries easily. "I'll say it's mine."

"Sirius!" Hermione turned as much as his firm hold would allow, trying to make out his face through the dim light offered from the window.

"I'm not arguing on it Hermione." She couldn't see him but she could imagine his face was set in that adorable stubborn expression.

"How Sirius," she said softly. "You impregnated me when you were trapped in the veil? The math is obviously wrong, no one would believe it. How could it be yours?"

"Magic, darling."

She laughed, "You're simply impossible Sirius Black."

"Impossibly handsome?"

She snuggled back down into his hold.

"Mmm, maybe that too?"

He laughed into her hair and she fell asleep listening to his soft breaths.

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