She smelt like strawberries.


She smelt like raspberries.


She smelt like vanilla.

Or Caramel, or...or... Merlin, it kept on changing. She just smelt good.

Remus stood at the kitchen bench. Hermione was next to him. She was making a coffee perhaps, he couldn't really remember.

He jumped a little when he accidentally stabbed himself with the blunt knife in his hand.

Stupid toast.

So absorbed in the scent of the young girl beside him he had somehow been buttering his hand for the last few strokes without even noticing.


He smelt like coffee.


He smelt like fresh cut grass.


It was more like the woody scent of a forest.

She hid her small smile as she thought of how appropriate the smell was for a wolf.

No matter what the name of his smell was, it was definitely good.

She jumped a little as her cup overflowed; the hot water flowing onto her hand that held the handle.

"Ow," she said reflexively as she let go of the instruments and held her hand to her chest.

"Let me see," came the deep voice beside her.

She gave her hand willingly, watching his hands rather than his face as he examined the small red mark on her skin.

He had butter on his sleeve.

She watched almost dazedly as her hand was brought up and she felt rather than saw his lips brush against her tender skin.

It lasted only the smallest second, one moment of pure euphoria, before he had brought her hand down.

The burn was gone.

She looked at him in confusion as he smiled indulgently at her, "All better?" he asked.

She almost missed his free hand slipping the wand back into his pants' pocket.

"Smooth," she smiled, half-jokingly.

"Always am dear," he winked at her just as Tonks entered the room.

She appeared to be wearing one of Remus shirts, despite it being nearly eleven in the morning.

Remus looked just as displeased as Hermione secretly was.

"What?" The pink-haired witch asked as she walked over to pick an apple from the fruit bowl that sat on the counter.

"Where are your clothes Nymphadora?"

"Ew Remus, please don't call me that, and I can't find them. Kings' made a complete mess of my stuff. I can't find a thing!"

"Oh," Hermione interrupted as she thought of Kingsley. "Kingsley told me to tell you that he would be by later today to finish up."

"Kingsley now is it?" Tonks said jokingly to Hermione. "No more Mr Shacklebolt?"

Hermione blushed unconsciously, remembering those biceps... "He asked me..." she said weakly.

"Tonks don't harass her!" Remus defended the smaller witch reflexively.

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