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A.N. WARNING: sexual content

Remus' intent was unmistakable as his hands moved smoothly up Hermione hips, rough fingertips caressing her silky skin.

However the nerves resting in her skin were not the only one's that his caress was stimulating. Irrationally, Hermione started to curse whoever had designed her pajamas that, in her sudden opinion, were definitely lacking in the abundance of buttons. Or alternatively, she reasoned, deficient in the quality of buttons - perhaps the investment could have been made in ones that could not be removed so easily by teeth?

Either way Hermione's buttons were quickly abandoning their duty as Remus' wicked mouth flicked them out of place. Once the last lone button was released Remus nuzzled his head into the soft flesh of her stomach, his hair falling over his face to tickle her sensitive skin.

His movements caused the material of her open shirt to slide smoothly off the planes of her body and when Remus looked up he growled appreciatively at the sight of her naked breasts.

Hermione let out a small gasp as the cold air hit her nipples and the act seemed to remind her of her capability of speech.

"Remus?" she whispered to the man seemingly hypnotized by the gentle rise and fall of her chest.

His brilliant blue eyes flickered up to meet hers and he rose up to answer her question with a searing kiss. His tongue battled for dominance, which she gave easily. The kiss ended and as his mouth traveled down the curve of her neck Hermione continued, "Are you sure your feeling up to this? I mean - you mustn't put unnecessary stress on your body especially just after -"

"Hermione," he breathed, his words warm against her collarbone. "I am fine. Better than fine. And I assure you this is anything but unnecessary." He punctuated his sentence with a long lick along the top of her shoulder that made Hermione shiver pleasantly.

Desperate she raked her brain for anything that might deter him for just a few more seconds - "What - what about your Transfiguration essay? It's due Monday after all and it - it took me forever to finish mine and if you're feeling well now you might as well make use of it and - ummm - and ... ahhh."

Hermione lost all sensible thought as his warm wet mouth attached to one of her nipples, sucking it into his mouth and flicking his tongue over the raised tip. One hand traveled up to cup the neglected breast as his other hand pushed its way underneath her pajama clad bottom, lifting it up and deleting the space that existed between their lower halves.

"I got an extension and I am making use of this time," Remus replied with the suspicion that Hermione no longer knew (or cared) what he was referring too. A suspicion confirmed as she let out an annoyed moan, pushing his head back to her breast and fingers pulling at the hemline of his shirt.

She managed to pull the shirt from his pants and pushed it up his back. Disgruntled that Remus had to once again de-attach from her breast to remove the offending item, she threw it angrily at the ground.

Remus smirked at her obvious impatience and ground his hips into hers to show her his likewise arousal.

The building pressure between her legs welcomed the feel of Remus' throbbing erection and she vaguely wondered if she really had been nervous ten minutes before?

Surely not.

Seemingly reading her telepathic entreaties Remus raised his hips slightly, leaving enough gap for their hands to frantically remove the others remaining cloth barriers.

Remus undid the drawstring to her silk shorts and hooked his fingers through the elastic of her knickers, drawing them both down in one smooth, practiced movement.

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