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Severus Snape.


Death Eater.

Her Potions Professor.

Wait. Her Potions Professor, yes he was that. Death Eater - he had the mark - but... Hermione back tracked... traitor?

Well Harry had said so.

But Harry was rash. Hermione knew this, Everyone just knew this.

And Snape had run.

However, for some reason, unclear to even her, she doubted it.

She would never say so to Harry or Ron. No, definitely not. Hadn't they been offered before at her for lesser defence of the same teacher? Yes - she highly doubted defending the murderer of Dumbledore would have gotten anywhere with those two.

None of this mattered however because right now, the boy standing here, separated from her only by the large muscled form of Sirius Black, was not her Potions Professor, was not a Death Eater and was not a traitor... at least not yet anyway.

But there was something he definitely was.

An enemy.

Of the Marauders.

And as the saying goes - you're enemy's enemy is you're friend.

Perhaps that's a bit harsh, she thought. 

She did not want to be enemies with the Marauders as such. But she definitely did want to keep her distance. So far this had seen her fail miserably.

She needed to try something different, she had been trying to stay away from them but there had been nothing to stop them from being near her. She needed something to help them stay away, and what's better, she thought, than a ten-foot Severus-pole?

The boys were throwing verbal insults at each other but Hermione wasn't listening. She was trying to remember any scarp of information that anyone had possibly told her about the younger version of her Professor.

Sirius hated him. Well it didn't take a genius to see that.

James hated him. again- apparent.

Remus never said anything to stop them. Her head whipped around trying to find the young wolf, sure enough standing with his back to the wall, behind Sirius and James looking at his shoes, the classroom door, anywhere it seemed but at the scene in front of him/ Hermione frowned, but turned her attention back to Severus.

She noticed all the Gryffindors had started to inch closer to James and Sirius whereas the Slytherins were more or less slinking away from where Severus stood facing the two bigger wizards alone.


But why?

Hermione felt a strong string of pity catch her breath. She was no stranger to feeling alone and friendless. She remembered only too well the sting of Ron's words to her during her first year. But she had eventually made friends. Why hadn't he? Why didn't he get his Troll?

She could feel the magic building around Sirius as there fight escalated. It wouldn't be too long before they start throwing hexes and Hermione found that she truly didn't want that to happen.

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