Chapter 6: Skipping School

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The music of her phone alarm disturbed the protagonist's dream and she was not very happy about it. The female's eyes fluttered open revealing (eye color) orbs beneath her (skin color) eyelids. Hands searching for her phone to snooze her alarm and she went back to sleep after her snoozing alarm job done.

The female felt very sleepy today so she decided to take extra 10 minutes of sleep. Why does she feel sleepy today? Well it was because last night. The one that called (Y/N) decided to spent the night watching (favorite anime), fawning over (favorite male character). Then she decided to read yandere (fav male character) x reader on wattpad. At 4 am, she made a decision to sleep due to school that she needs to attend.

The problem was, she didn't realize that she swipped dismiss alarm instead of snooze alarm. The sleeping beauty continues to sleep, not hearing the knocking in front of her door. Osano left the place, assuming the female had gone to school sooner than him. Her mother wasn't going to help (Y/N) wake up due to her business that requires her to go to Australia for a while.

The sleeping beauty continues to sleep until her phone made a noise. The female opened one eye before reaching her hand to her phone. It was a phone call from Kizano. She swipe the phone symbol to the green circle. "Hello?''

"Where are (Y/N)?! Why aren't you in school?'' It took five minutes for the female to figure out what the drama king meant. She was late.

"S**t.'' Was the first word that came out from the female's lips. She knew that she's screwed. She needed a plan, someone who had talent in acting, who can convince the teacher that she had an accident or she was sick. In that moment Kizano crossed her mind.

"Kizano~" The female used her sweet voice.

It's super effective

Kizano who was on the side of the phone knew that something was up but he couldn't help to blush at the sweet voice. "Will you help me? I promise I'll help you with anything. Please act as if I'm sick or I got into an accident or something.''

Kizano quickly widen his eyes, acting as if he was surprised. "Are you okay? Have you eaten? Oh my gosh, you should rest so you'll get healthy. Goodbye.'' Kizano turned his attention to the teacher that was asking about his 'sick' friend. "Sir! (Y/N) is sick. That's why she wasn't able to attend class.'' His finger traced on his phone screen before ending the call. The female laughed for her plan worked before diving into a deep sleep. (A/N: my friend and I did this lol.)

-a few hours later-

After experiencing her long last dream, the female decided to wake up and take a shower. The clock told her it's 4 pm, she decided to go out to buy some anime figures and to buy what the student council requested her.

The female thought it was a wise choice to buy the list that Megamo had provided her until her determination was pushed to the ground when she saw (favorite anime character) figure standing inside a shop. "OH MY GOD! IT'S (fav anime character) LIMITED FIGURE!"

The female then went inside the store. After a few moment, she came out, holding a grocery bag with pink sparkles behind her. "Oh (fav anime character), you shall be my husband.''

The female went to Aria mall (A/N: I msde it up), to look for what Megamo asked. Sadly for her, her eyes met a figure that she didn't want to meet. The figure belongs to the one and only teacher that she thought was working as a stripper. Not to mention, girls fawning over him that made her disgusted at the sight of it. She quickly went to a store near her, to avoid the chance on having a conversation with him.

Unfortunately it seems God hate her for some reason. She felt pressure on her shoulder then she felt wind went to her ear that made her jumped and slapped the person who blew air to her ear. However, before her palm land on the person's cheek, a hand caught hers.

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