Chapter 5: Amao and Osoro

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The female woke up from her beauty sleep. She could feel that she had a good sleep and no nightmare about her friends. She stretched her body as she felt energy flowing through her veins. Nine hours of sleep had managed to make her feel this good. She had forgotten when was the last time she had ever felt this good.

As her feet touched the cold floor, she felt happy for some reason. Maybe it was because she was free from the dream. She went to prepare herself for school.


She was feeling more energetic that she had ever have. The energy that was flowing in her body that she felt she could run to the horizon. She knocked the door that lead her to the Najimi's resident. The female was greeted by the sight of an older female version of Osano that had opened the door. "Oh my, wait for a moment (Y/N). He's getting ready.'' The older female turned her head againts the insidr of the room. "Osano! (Y/N) is here.''

"I'm coming!'' Footsteps sound were echoing around the house, the female bidding the older female goodbye for she knew that Osano was heading her way. The older female smiled at the female before wishing her luck at school. Not long after that, Osano was standing next to the older male. He bid his mom goodbye before stepping to the outside. However, his mom pulled him by his ear before whispering something that made his entire face red. "I want 30 babies.''



The female was skipping on her way to school, feeling ecstasy overflowing in her body. While the male beside her was emitting dark aura around him. His face was flushing red due to his mom. His face showed no sign of emotion, he kept repeating '30 babies' to himself as if he was chanting a love spell.

Due to his shock, the male didn't notice that the female had called him many times however, she was remain ignored by the male. The male stopped thinking about his future family when he was surprised for their face were nearly touched. Just one move he could taste her lips but he knew better than anyone that it would ruin their friendship.

"Are you sick?''

The male whose imagination had run wild a moment ago, found himself blushing. Not wanting to made the red hue spread to his entire face, he place his hand on the female's shoulders before pushing her away from him. He wanted to cover his feelings through words however, when his orange eyes met her (e/c) eyes, heat rushed to his face, making him unable to speak. He took a closer look at the female, noticing how long her eyelashes were, her pink lips, the pink hue that dusted on her cheeks until he snapped out from his imagination. "W-what a-are you l-looking at?''

The female smirked at the sight of the blushing male, thinking what might happen if the female tease him. "I'm just admiring your face. You look cute, Osano.'' The female placed her fingers on Osano's right cheek as she traced her fingers down to his chin, making him blushed. He thought that this might a sign of his future that his mother had talked about.

The female brought her face closed to his. For a second the male thought that she would kiss him however, her action was interrupted by an index finger that was pressed on her lips and a hand that pushed the blushing male from the female. The female felt a grip on her hand as she was pulled into someone's arm. The female felt a touch under her chin that made her tilted her head to the culprit.

It was none other than her purple hair male friend, he had a frown at his face that disappeared when their gaze locked. He gave a faint smile at the female and a scowl to the male. "How dare you flirt with my Juliet at school?!''

The female stared at the purple hair male in confusion due to his previous question that had escaped from his lips. "Wait, we're at school?'' Both males looked at the female with disbelief at their eyes, how could the female not notice the large building in front of her.

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