Chapter 2

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A/N: italic meant for the reader's dream. The dream is all about yandere love. If you're not comfortable then skip the italic part.


(Y/N) stared into a brown door. She hesitated to open the door for her guts said to not open the door. However, her curiosity got her best. She opened the door which revealed blood splattered on the wall and floor. But that didn't make her stop taking steps towards the room. She began to notice that there's a person in the corner of the room after he dropped something or should the author say someone.

"I didn't expect you to be here, (Y/N)-chan.'' The female stared in horror at the orange hair male in the corner of the room. As the male took one step forward, the female took one step backwards. This continued until the female felt something cold on her back. She looked back to see a wall, she looked in front of her to see the male smiling at her.

"You see (Y/N), this person has badmouthed you so I have to teach her a lesson.'' He grabbed her shoulder harshly, making the female yelped. "If she's in here then you'll be sad, everybody will start thinking the same thing so I disposed her. I just wanted to keep you happy.''

You pushed the male away. "N-No, I've never wanted this. Stop Osano, please.''

The female woke up from her dream. "Was that a dream?'' The female spoke to herself. She turned to her right to check the time. "3 am, huh. It's better to go back to sleep.'' The female said that despite the feelings of fear that kept her awake at that night.


"(Y/N)!!" Osano shouted in front of her house. "Are you ready?'' The female opened her window as soon as she heard his voice. "Wait a moment.'' She quickly ran to her door, not wanting for him to wait any longer.

"I'm ready.''

"Good. Then let's go.'' The female followed him from behind until they arrived school. She took a peek from his back. "Wow, it's so different.''

"I know, follow me and don't get lost.'' When he turned his face to his back, he saw the girl was no longer behind her. "WHAT?! THAT DUMMY!"


"Wow, so huge.'' The female took a stroll inside of the building while looking at her surrounding. She didn't notice that a man was walking to her direction until she bumped on his chest and fell. The female looked at the white hair male. "Are you okay? Did I hurt you? I'm sorry, I wasn't looking.'' The female stood up.

"Hmph, be careful when you walk.'' He took a closer look on the female. "I've never seen your face before.''

"I'm new here. My name is (Y/N) (L/N).'' (Y/N) reached out her hand, asking for a handshake which earned a stare from the male.

He took the hand. "My name is Megamo Saikou. I'm the President of the Student Council in here.'' The female gave the male a smile. "Nice to meet you.''

"You're a strange one.'' Said the male. The male inched closer to female's face. "Usually a girl would got mad when she bumped someone and fell down but you asked me if I'm okay. That's pretty foolish.''

"Sorry.'' For being nice to you, the female wanted to utter the last part. However, she had to he nice to this person. "It was my fault.''

"It was.'' The male turned his back to the female. The female pouted when she had made sure he couldn't see her. "Follow me.''

"Huh? Why?''

"I'm giving you a tour around the school since you're new here. Now, come.'' The female followed the male as he gave a long explanation of the place and sometimes scolding her for yawning. After the long tour, they finally stopped in front of the female class.

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