Chapter 3: Kizano and Rana

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A/N: italic meant for the reader's dream. The dream is all about yandere love. If you're not comfortable then skip the italic part.

Yesterday, I accidentally published this when it's still incomplete. I apologize for that. Thank you for the votes and adding them to your reading list.


(Y/N)'s eyes widened in horror as fear surrounded her mind and body, paralysing her from any movement. She covered her nose and mouth with both of her hands to block the smell of blood. Her legs started to shake in fear. Unable to give her the support she needs, she fell. Her gaze didn't turn away from the corpse that had been laying in front of her. Her gaze moved from the corpse to the top of the stair when she heard someone humming happily.

For once, she doubted her eyes. The innocent little boy she saved yesterday was the culprit. She wanted to run, she tried to move her legs but she couldn't move and she KNEW why. She was curious on why he comitted murder.

Her lips parted apart but no voice came from her. The boy's smile became wider and wider as second passed by. "W-why?'' was the only word that came from her lips.

"He was planning to confess to you, Big Sister.'' His eyes was blank, no emotions was protayed in his eyes even though he's smiling. "He's going to get all of your attention, Big Sis. I can't allow that.'' He came closer to her as she stepped back until the female slipped and her ass touched the floor.

The female ignored the pain she felt on her lower body. She looked in front of her to see the once was innocent little boy standing in front of her.

"Big Sister~ I love you~'' He raised the knife as everything went black.


(Y/N) woke up from her dream. Sweat rolled from her body as her palm touched her forehead. "Another nightmare.'' She closed her eyes, trying to sleep. Seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. She can't sleep. She tried everything, starting bathing in lukewarm water, drinking warm milk and counting sheeps. When she nearly doozed off, her alarm clock rang, waking her immediately. Due to her anger, she turn off the alarm clock and threw it to the wall.



The female opened the door that connected her house to the outside world. As the sunlight embrace her, she saw a figure of an orange hair man that's crossed his arms while his eyes were closed. The tapping sound he made with his foot proved that he's impatient.

"Where were you idi- Wait are you alright?'' The male's rage inside his eyes turned into worry when he saw the female's form. The female had bags under her eyes. The girl in front of him smiled, reassuring him she's okay. She held his hand, pulling him to the school's direction.

The bell rang, meaning class was about to start. (Y/N) set her foot to the class. She stood in front of her classmate that's admiring her features on her body. "My name is (Y/N) (L/N). Nice to meet you.''

"Wow, she's cute.''

"I want to be her friend!''

"I want to be her girlfriend!'' Osano glared at the boy.

The teacher put down his book on the table, catching all of the student's attention. "Okay class, quiet. Now (L/N)-san, please sit at that chair.''

The female nodded and went to the seat that the teacher pointed for her. She listened to the teacher's explanation until she fell asleep because biology was so boring and she ace it. She could hear a familiar male voice groaned at the sight of her sleeping.

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