Chapter 1

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(Y/N) (L/N) was watching her (favorite anime) while sighing. "Damn, this guy is so hot.'' She was too focused to her anime until her mother opened her door.

"(Y/N), do me a favor please darling?'' (Y/N) groaned as she got off from her bed, sending glares to her mother due to her date with her favorite anime is ruined.

"What?'' Her mother gave a box full of food to her. "Please give this to our neighbor.''

The female rolled her eyes as she stepped out from her bedroom to outside. She could hear her mother saying 'thank you' to her as she left the house.


As she arrived at her neighbor's house. She searched for the bell and found a button on the right side of the door. She pushed the button to hear twinkle twinkle little star playing inside of the house. She looked at her shirt and skirt to see if they're tidy.

As she heard the door being unlocked, she looked in front of her while holding the box. A beautiful lady with orange hair came from the door.

"Hello, what kind of business do you have?''

"Uh, I'm your new neighbor and I just want to give you this.'' (Y/N) gave the box to the older female. The older female was surprised but she covered it with a smile.

"Oh my, you're the new neighbor that moved from (country name). Please come in.''

"Thank you, ma'am.''

The female chuckled a bit before giving her a wide smile. "Please don't call me that, it made me feel like I'm old please call me Najimi.''

"Okay, Najimi-san.'' As (Y/N) put her foot into the house, she looked around the house to see pictures of the family.

"Please sit down. I have a son that's the same age as you. I'll call him.'' The older female was gone in a moment before the (h/c) hair female could spoke that she needs to go home to watch anime. The female sat on the nearest seat that she could find.

"Geez Mom, what is it this time? I'm busy you know.'' A boy with orange hair color appeared from his room. He looked at the (h/c) hair female. When their eyes were connected, the male felt blood rushing to his cheeks.

"M-M-Mom, who is t-this?''

The older woman clasped her hand and put it near her right cheek as she smiled. "She is our new neighbor. She's cute right? Please talk to her as I make some food.'' The male sat in front of the female.

"Yes, I mean no, ah i-it's not like you're ugly but you're cute, wait ahhh.''

You gigglee at his reaction as he glared at you with red face. "D-Don't laugh at me!''

"I'm sorry.'' The female continued to laugh. "I couldn't help it. It's just that your reaction is cute.''

'That's the first time someone said my reaction is cute. Usually, they would say it's annoying.' The orange hair male thought until the female waved her hand in front of him, making him to snap from his daydreaming.


"What are you thinking?'' The female tilted her head, expecting an answer from the male.

"W-what's your name? I-it's not like I want to know your name or something.'' Red hue covered the male cheeks again.

"(Y/N) (L/N)."

"Mine is Osano Najimi.'' He flinched when he felt that the female took his right hand with both of her hand. He looked at the female who's smiling.

"Nice to meet you then.'' As the female let go of his hand. He could feel disappointment filling his heart. 'What is wrong with you, Osano. Get a grip! But her hand is soft. Wait, WHAT AM I THINKING!'


"Osano?'' The female waved her hand in front of his face, wanting him to go back to reality.

"Osano?'' She pressed her forehead to his, making his eyes widened and pushed the female from him.

"W-what are you doing?''

"I thought you were sick because you were red and you didn't pay attention to me.''

"N-No dummy. I'm not sick.'' He looked away from the female to regain his normal skin color back. The female giggled at his reaction. Until he looked at the female and asked a question. "Which school are you going to attend?''

"Huh? Pardon me?'' She looked at him with a question mark above her head.

"I asked which school are you going to attend. Geez, you're hopeless.'' The male brought his right palm to his face. He looked at the female between his fingers.

"Oh, sorry. I'm going to Akademi High.''

The male's eyes was filled with sparkle. He stood from his seat and hold the female's hand. "Really?! We're at the same school!'' Then he realized that his act was the same like a child's behavior when the child was given a candy by his parents. "I-it's not like I'm happy or excited. Don't get the wrong idea.'' He averted his gaze from the female and let go of her hand. He sat down to his seat. "D-do you want to go to school together?''

"Of course! I'd love to!'' The male's eyes wad filled with sparkle once more but he dismissed it.

"Don't be late you know! I don't want to wait.''

"I'm an early bird you know.'' (Y/N) gave him a smug smile as she clenched her hand and put it on her chest. She looked at the clock and realized it's too late. She stood up and smiled to the male. "It's getting late, I should go home now. Goodbye.'' After the female bid the male and the older female goodbye, she left the house.

Aftet the older female made sure that the girl is out of side, the older female looked at her son and gave him a smirk, making the son looked back at her.

"I'm expecting some cute grandchildren.''

"MOM!!" The male shouted too loud, making the (h/c) hair girl looked at the door that connect the outside and the inside of house. She giggled. "Must be lively in there.''

(Y/N) went back to her house and watched some anime until she fell asleep.


A/N: dear readers, I wanted to say that the yandere acts will be added uhh honestly I don't know. I just need to make all the rivals fell in love with you. After I made that, I need something that made the rivals to act possessive to the readers. *whisper* it might be very long, sorry. However, hints of their yandere act will be added later.


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