Chapter 13

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--Cayley's POV--

These past few days have been amazing. Niall's the best boyfriend a girl could ever have, well thats my opinion. Today we're going to the movies to watch 'Cabin in the Woods' I heard its not scary more funny so I had to see it.

"You ready love?" a voice floated towards my room where I was looking at my appearance in the mirror. I was wearing ripped jeans from Rue21 and a dressy shirt that had ruffles and it was pink and had a black heart on the side, my hair of course was striaght and no makeup, how can he like someone like me?

"Yeah, just a second!" I yelled to Niall. I picked up my phone and money and went to meet Niall in the living room, I stopped when I saw Niall and my Aunt talking and hid behind the wall and yes I did eavesdrop my aunt can be unpredictable sometimes so I listented to my aunts conversation with him.

"Where are you taking Cayley today?" my aunt asked.

"To the movies." Niall answered plainly.

"Your not going to 'do' anything are you??" she emphasized the word 'do' oh lord Aunt Connie.

"No ma'am." he answered politely, I should go help him out.

"Good, you and her are too young for that, wait till your married." my aunt said and I had enough, I'll have a talk with her later, before Niall could reply I walked in, he saw me and a look of relief came across his face.

"You ready?" he asked his eyes pleading me to say yes.

"Yes I am." I smiled and he held out his hand for me. "Bye Aunt Connie!" I yelled and closed the door.

"Want to walk to the movies since it's only a few blocks away?" Niall asked me.

"Sure." I smiled and we started walking. "I'm sorry about my Aunt." I said looking at him and his face turned to surprise then he blushed a little. Cute.

"You heard that??" he asked and I nodded he did a little laugh, "It's alright, gald she's worried about you." he chuckled and smiled. We chatted some more and we arrived at the movie theater, he bought my ticket but I insisted that I buy popcorn and drinks and after 5 minutes of arguing he gave up, I bought a large popcorn and 2 large drinks and he bought twizzlers and sour gummy worms. We settled into the theater and enjoyed the movie, Niall laughed through the whole thing  and several people gave him the evil eye during and after the movie was over. Which made me laugh.

"That was a funny movie!!" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the exit.

"Niall you think everything is funny, but it was quite funny." I laughed, we started walking home and his body guard was behind us, not very private.

"You think we could ditch the guard?" I whispered in Niall's ear, he looked behind him and nodded.

"Paul you can go back to Connie's house we'll be fine." Niall said to Paul.

"No can do, you remember those girls before, can't risk it." Paul answered and I knew that conversation was over.

"We'll go home and both go to bed, then we'll sneak out and it'll be just us." Niall whispered in my ear and it sent shivers down my spine, I looked at him and smiled loving his plan, he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer, we walked back to my grandparents house and went to bed just like the plan, my aunt and Paul stayed in the living room talking. I slipped out my bed room window and went to meet Niall around back. I waited a few mintues and then hands was covering my eyes, my instincts was to hit them and defend myself but I thought it was Niall, so I didn't.

"Miss me?" Niall's voice filled my ear's, I giggled and nodded he removed his hands and pulled me into a hug and when we pulled apart he kissed me on the lips. "Let's go for a walk." he grabbed my hand and we started walking to the park. We chatted and laughed and just had fun we went back to my house and we stopped outside my window and he put his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his head. "I had a great time with you." Niall said and smiled.

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