[4] POV: Stephanie

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"I haven't posted anything on Instagram for such a long time! I'm going to lose all my followers!" Lauren yelled.

"Didn't you post something right before we got to the airport?" Karen said.


Karen stared at her.

"What's your point?"

We both looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

"Lauren, why don't you just chill for once?" Zachary said. He was always telling people to chill.

"Zachary is going to freeze to death one day," Tina sighed. I laughed.

"So... How are we going to not starve out here?" I said.

"The planes usually have those carts with the snacks and drinks, right? We have that at least." Chloe said.

"When we run out of that, then what?" I said.

"I cook with my mom a lot— I mean I used to." She sighed dejectedly. "I— I don't know if I'll ever see her again." Her eyes started tearing up.

"It's okay," Tina said, "Let's see how much food we have left in the plane."

"Okay," she said, cheering up a little bit. We heard yelling from inside the plane, and we glanced at each other. The four of us started to climb up the stairs, and bumped in to Jonathan, Sebastian, and Vincent. We exchanged a quick "hi" and climbed in to the plane.

"What more of you?"

"Uh yeah," Sophia mumbled, "we were wondering how much food we have, because it's getting dark, so we can't really—"

"No there's not enough food for all of you! Go hunting or something! Get out of my sight!"

"But we don't know what kind of—"

"Get out! Give me some peace and quiet! You can't get any of that around here, can you!"

"Okay." Just as I was turning around, something caught my eye. The flight snack wrappers! "Wait here," I whispered. I walked to the back of the plane, and looked in the cart. The was a half empty box of mini bags of the plane snacks. "He lied to us!" I muttered to myself. I looked around some more, and sure enough, there were packs of peanuts, pretzels, and all sorts of drinks. I took a few waters and hid them under my shirt, and carried the snack basket behind my back.

When I got back to the front of the plane, I motioned for them to go. I snuck out with the food and water, and after we were away from the plane, I explained my plan. I spotted Abby, who seemed pretty trustworthy. I walked over to her. "Hey, can you keep this here?" I put down the food and drink, and her eyes lit up.

"Where did you get that from?"

"The plane. The pilot is hoarding everything. Keep this a secret, okay?"

"Wait, but then we'll be just as bad as the pilot, keeping it four ourselves!"

"No, we'll share it with everyone, once we've gotten everything, okay cool?"

"Cool beans."

"Also, if anyone tries to steal it, don't yell to us. Tell Carolyn or Anna to run over to us, because I know you can't really..."

"Ok, cool."

Abby couldn't run or really walk, because she sprained her ankle when she was little, and it never healed. I felt bad for her, but she was a really nice person, and as I said before, she was trustworthy.

We walked over to the plane, and I told Sophia to stay at the bottom, and motioned for Tina and Chloe to come with me up to the plane. We tiptoed up the stairs and then bent down low and went on all fours to the back of the plane.

Chloe passed the food to Tina, who crawled back and forth down the aisle of the plane to give the food to me, and I tip-toed down the stairs to give it to Sophia, who walked over to Abby. We continued until we got all the food, and looked at our stash.

Abby looked at it and said, "Hmm, I thought they would have at least twice this amount of food on the plane.

"They probably did," Tina said, "but the pilot ate more than half of it already."

"This should last us about one more day," Sophia said, "then we have to find food for ourselves."

The horrible fresh smell of that thing wasn't as bad, but it still lingered. We had gotten a little bit used to it by know, but it was the least of our problems. Sort of. Chloe kept glancing over at it, though. She seemed nervous. "I don't know what could be out there." Chloe sighed. "We need to all stick together here. Who knows if we can even find food?"

"Well, we have food right here, right now," I said, "things will look up. Let's go tell everyone that dinner is ready."

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