[5] POV: Andrew

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I was sitting with Nick and Freddy trying to make the best of the situation. Ian, Ansel, and Zachary were also sitting with us, talking about what we were going to do for food and sleep here.

"We're doomed," Ansel said, "There's no food, no—"

"Freddy, look!" I said. "Guess who's coming!"

"Oh gosh I—"

"Come over. We're in luck." Chloe said.

"Uh, um, hi Chloe," Freddy stuttered.

"Um... hi?" There was a pause, and things got awkward.

"Ok, we're coming," I said. After she left, we started walking. "It doesn't have to be that awkward."

"Ok, what should I do next time?"

"Just do one of those cheesy pickup lines," Nick said.

"So I should just go up to her and say, 'have you been to the doctor lately, because you're lacking some vitamin me.'"

"Yeah, do that!" Zachary said.

"You're hopeless, Freddy."

"Why do you always try to be so negative, Ansel?" I asked.

"Why do you always try to be positive?" Ian asked. "Because you're failing."

I shut up.

"Okay," Chloe said, "keep it down guys. We don't want the pilot to hear. We snuck in the plane and got the food from the cart. A lot of it is gone, because the pilot has eaten everything. We can't eat too much now, because we have to save more for tomorrow. There are enough waters for everyone to have two, and for now, we get a whole bag of peanuts or pretzels. Yay for dinner."

We passed around the waters and snack bags, and I got a pack of peanuts. I was starving, so I wanted to gulp it all down, but I knew I should savor every bite.

"After this food runs out, we'll be done for."

"Hopefully we'll be out of here by then," I said.

By the time we finished dinner, it was pretty dark outside. "How are we going to sleep?" Freddy said, "Nobody brought sleeping bags."

"You're thinking of sleeping out here?" I said. "Are you crazy? No way I am sleeping out here. Let's go in the plane."

Everyone was pretty sleepy, and we crowded back in to the plane. "Ugh! Are you guys serious? Sleep outside! I want some peace and quiet!"

Ian walked up to him. "You want some peace and quiet? Ok. How about you sleep outside." He gave the pilot a good stare. "No? Okay. Now how about you give us some peace and quiet from all of your complaining." He turned around and sat back down.

"Nice Ian," I said, "hopefully he'll shut up now."

"Wow! No chill, huh," Zachary said. I walked up to the front of the plane, and shut the plane door, because my instincts told me to. Good thing I did. As I settled down in to my seat, I looked out the window. It had really gotten dark out. Who knew how long this night would last? I looked around, and then a wave or terror washed over me. A dark creature with yellow eyes was right next to the plane. Staring right at me.

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