[1] POV: Ethan

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"Oh look, we're heading straight for the Bermuda Triangle!" Hudson said, looking at his phone.

I looked out the window.

"See any wormholes?" He asked.

"The Bermuda Triangle is just a myth. Nobody has actually seen a wormhole, and it is just pure coincidence. The—"

"Okay, we get it, Peter," I said.

So let me explain what was happening. Our class was going to Bermuda for a marine biology project. On the small plane was just us and the pilot, and the teachers were already there, booking hotels, setting up for us to come, and all that.

"Do you think anything'll actually happen?" I said to Hudson.

"Yeah, we're all totally going to get sucked up in to some wormhole, be transported to some other planet, and were all going to die."

I looked out the window, again. "Whoa, what's that black thing in the water?"

"It's definitely a wormhole."

"No, seriously."

"What?" Hudson looked out the window. "What the heck? Maybe it is a wormhole."

"Are you actually serious?" Peter said from across the aisle.

"No, I'm actually Hudson, but yeah. Look out the window."

Peter peered out the window for a second, and whirled around. "You're right!"

"Who thinks it's a myth now? Hudson check your phone. Where are we?"

He glanced down to check. "We're about to— we just entered the— wait, what happened?" The map suddenly went blank, and the compass was going crazy.

"I don't—" Suddenly the plane gave a giant lurch, and dropped about 10 feet. We experienced a moment of zero-gravity, and everyone screamed. The pilot's voice came over the intercom: "Please remain seated and calm! The plane is running out of gas. The emergency life boats will come out if needed." His voice shut off. The plane gave one last, mighty lurch, and started plummeting down, really fast. Then it hit the water.

"What just happened?" Peter screamed.

"I don't know," I yelled back, over all the noise, "Something a lot more exciting than researching seaweed." I looked out the window, and the water was sloshing about. Coming closer and closer was a gigantic hole.
"We're going down the wormhole!" I screamed.

Suddenly, there was a loud boom, and everything was awash in a very bright light. Everything floated around and we were all just looking around in confusion. Then it broke out.

"Did we go down the wormhole?"

"Where even are we?"

"That pilot is as stubborn as Peter!"

"I'd rather be researching seaweed."

Suddenly, the plane shot up at incredible speeds, and zoomed across the ocean. But this time the ocean looked different, more dark and menacing. There was a tiny bit of land in sight. They shot over the ocean, until the plane began to lose it's momentum, the land coming closer and closer.



Smoke was blowing everywhere, and once it cleared, I took a look outside the window. The first thing I noticed was that there were tiny blue stones everywhere. The grass was very bright green, and the dirt was kind of a blue-grayish color. It all meant one thing. This was not Bermuda.

Everyone was more than scared than you could describe, and we were all screaming. The pilot came out of the cockpit. "Keep calm everyone, we're going to get off the plane now. Don't panic!"

"What were you thinking, going right through the Bermuda Triangle?! Have you anything upstairs?"

"Worst school trip ever!"

"This pilot is just 'plane' dumb!"

We all stood up, and started shuffling down the aisle. The pilot unlocked and opened the plane door, and we were immediately hit by a foul stench.

"Ugggh! What is that?" I almost vomited.

"Don't throw up on me, Ethan!" Hudson yelled. Everyone else immediately clutched their stomachs, and I think a couple people actually did throw up, which made everything worse. My legs felt like jelly, and I was going to either hurl or pass out very soon.

We finally got to the end of the plane, and when we got out of the plane, the was a horrifyingly gruesome sight. This giant creature with very sharp teeth was lying on the ground, dead. It had been savagely torn apart, and you could see its flesh all about, and all the bones. White bugs the size of hamsters were crawling all about it, and the wasn't the worst part.

Flies the size of yoga balls were flying around everywhere, sucking it's blood with their giant suckers. At that point, I felt so nauseated, that I gave way and passed out, right on the steps of the airplane.

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