[2] POV: Chloe

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What. Just. Happened.

First, I was sitting on the plane with my friend, Sophia, and Freddy was staring at me in the weirdest way. Then Lauren started screaming, "OH MY GAWSH! I JUST LOST MY DATA CONNECTION! WHAT WILL MY INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS DO?!?!"

Then the plane started running out of gas, and started falling, there was some bright light, and we went flying across the ocean and ended up here. There's some horrid smell, and everyone is freaking out.

I pushed my way past the seats, and saw some creature that was torn apart, and giant, disgusting bugs everywhere. I was stepping down the stairs of the plane, when suddenly in front of me, Ethan just fainted, right in the middle of the stairs.

"Ethan!" Hudson yelled, "Not in the middle of the stairs!" I personally couldn't blame him, because the smell was so bad. "Someone help!"

"Okay," I said, and picked him up by his legs.

"Oh no," Hudson said. There was a giant gash in his head, and blood was squirting everywhere.

"Oh gosh," I said, "that looks really bad."

"No really, it looks bad? Good observation." I gave him the death stare. We both carefully carried him down the stairs, and set him down.

"Will he be okay?" I asked.

"How do you expect me to know?"

"What is that thing?" Sophia said from behind me. I gave it a closer look. Let's start with the flies. They were huge! I hate regular bug bites, but if one of these things bit me... I didn't want to think about it. Also those giant white bugs looked really slimy and gross.

Now that dead creature. It looked really big and dangerous, yet it had been ripped apart so harshly, if something could do that to this giant, savage creature, I didn't want to know what it could do to us. Plus, judging by how recently it looked to have been killed...

"We need to get far away from this place," I said back to Sophia. "What kind of... things live here?"

"I don't know, I have a very uneasy feeling about this place. How did we even get here?"

"I don't know," she said, "we just have to stick together."

"We have to stay around here, though. All the supplies and everything are in the plane."

"Yeah. Also what are these blue stones everywhere?"

"I don't—" Almost as if her question had been answered, the was a giant BANG! from the sky, and everyone started to freak out. Then up from above the sky came a bunch of tiny blue stones.

"COVER YOUR HEADS!" Everyone covered their heads, except for Ethan, who was still lying unconscious on the ground. As they hit our backs and hands, they hurt like fire. Suddenly, it was all over. Everyone started to look around.

"What was that?"

"Ethan!" Peter yelled. We all turned to look. He was awake, and the giant gash on his head had completely healed! I looked at my arm, where I had a small scrape, but it was gone.

"I— I think these stones have healing powers!"


"My gosh, you're right!"

"Yeah, totally. Wait, you are right!"

As everyone was so amazed by these healing stones, I looked at the dead creature. To my horror, I saw its tail twitch. Then its eye flickered and then there it was. Staring right at me. A fresh wave of horror washed over me. What if it rained more stones from space, and this creature became completely alive again?

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