Emma's pov 

The alarm clock buzzled softly and then i qouickly turned it off not wanting Matt to wake up so early beacuse he needs sleep. 

Yesterday was a rough and tiring day and he need's to sleep. 

''Morning again ughh'' I whispired to myself then i got up and strecthed my legs and arms. I yawned beacuse i was so tired. 

It was three days left to Friday and then i can finally rest. I don't like school even if it just started like yesterday i hate it. It's like it's kicking me in the guts everytime i am in class. Ughh. 

I dressed up in a white tank top and black shorts. (Picture over there -->) 

Then i picked up my pocket and i walked out of the apartment, well i need to buy breakfeast don't i? I walked into a grocory store and i took two sandwiches which was already done so i didn't need to do them and i grabbed two water bottles. 

It's not like i don't have food in our apartment but it's maybe old and that wouldn't be so nice to eat now would it? 

''It will be thirty dollars, ma'm'' The old woman said. I just smiled and nodded while giving her the money. 

Then i walked out and headed back to the apartment. We had an hour to head to school and taht's pretty long so while Matthew was asleep i opened the sandwhiches and then i laid them in a sink. 

Then after i was done i heard a phone ring, i walked to pick up my phone but it wasn't mine, then it hitted me, it was Matthew's. 

Should i answer or just hung up, The ring was so loud and i was afarid that i would wake Matthew up so i just answered. 

''Hey, Matthew man where are you, it's ricky and im heading to the damn school, do you need a ride'' I think it was Ricky beacuse he said his name was ricky. 

''Um-Ehh it's not Matthew i-It's Emma, yesterday he was in a fight with Jason so i helped him to my apartment, i will get him to school and i will tell him that you called'' I suttered and said. 

Omfg if Matthew gets mad he will probably never talk to me. 

''Okay, just tell him i called'' He said. 

''Slut'' He mumbled before hunging up. 

What did i even do so he could call me a dirty 'slut' word? Well i guess some of us didn't have a wonderful morning. 

Then i walked to Matthew to shake him, he has to get up now. He looked so peacful but i have to wake him up. 

''Matthew, Matt wake up'' i said softly. 

''Go awayy'' He groaned. 

''You have to wake up matt'' I said still shaking him, but a bit harder now. 

''No, i don't want to go to school today, go away'' He groaned. 

''Well, you have to, and yeah ricky called'' I said. Then he stopped fighting back and then he finally stood up and rubbed his eyes. 

''How'd you know?'' He said, oh god why would he ask a qouestin like that, don't be mad, don't be mad please don't be mad. 

''Well, i kind of answered sorry, he asked if you needed a ride to school and i said you were sleeping and that i would tell you that he called then he hung up'' I said softly. 

''Oh, okay then'' He said without getting mad, i sighed and was happy about that. 

(Ricky looks like Cameron Dallas if you don't look at the character thing)

''I bought breakfeast it's on the table, you can go change and wash you face then just come to the kitchen'' I said smiling. 

''Okay'' He said and then suprisingly he kissed my cheek and walked into the bathroom. I blushed till my cheek's were red. 

I walked into the kitchen and sat down when Matthew came in he had his new clothes on and his face was fresh and he had fixed his hair. He was so cute. 

''You made this'' He said and pointed to the sandwhiches which was on the table. 

''No, actually i bought them'' I said and his smile faded away. 

''Stop, please don't waist your money on me'' He said and looked down. 

''Im not, i want to and besides im not waisting beacuse it was just food i mean come on it's just food and let's eat beacuse we have to get to school or we get detetion.'' I said. 

He nodded and picked up a sandwhich and bited on it then he took a sip from his water. 

''Matt?'' I said, i wanted to know how much money he owned Jason. 

''Yeah'' He said and looked at me. 

''How much money do you own Jason?'' I said wanting to sound courious. 

''Why?'' He said while taking a bite of his sandwhich. 

''No, nothing im just courious.'' I said and taking a bite of mine too. 

''It's a lot, it-it's 800 dollars'' He said, in his world it was so much but in mine it was nothing. 

''Oh'' Was all i said not wanting him to worry why i asked for it. 

So now i just need to take out money from my credit card and meet up with Jason. But i can't tell Matthew about it so i have to ask Derek if he knows Jason's number, im going to ask in school. 

''So are you done?'' Matthew said and waking me up from my thoughts. 

''Yeah, let's go'' I said before taking a sip from my water bottle before walking out with Matt. 

Then we walked out of the apartment and we got into a taxi we saw right in front of the apartment. Then i asked Matthew. . .

''You know the adress right? Beacuse im going to hang out with Bella today and im just wondering if you know the adress, oh and i gave you a extra key do you have it'' I said not wanting to sound like a mom. 

''I know the adress thank to you and yes i have the key in my pocket.'' He said smiling. 

''We are here'' The driver said and stopping the car in front of our school. 

''Thank you'' i said before giving him the money and walking out of the taxi with Matthew, His smile grew wilder when he saw some boy going towards him. 

''Oh yeah and that's ricky'' He said and pointing to a boy in his age. 

''Okay, so im going to class see you later, and yeah you've got my number so if you need anything just text'' I said and smiled. Then i walked away. I walked past Ricky not making eye contact beacuse he was in a bad mood in the morning. 

He called me a slut if you remember but i just shrugged it off. I smiled when i saw Bella and Isabell. 

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