Chapter 45

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Bella POV

I woke up to Taylor holding me. I laughed and walked downstairs. All the guys were passed out of the couch. I grabbed a banana and went into the basement to play the x-box.

I grabbed a controller and just played the game that was already in there. After about 10 minutes I heard somebody walking down the stairs but I didn't take my eyes off the Tv.

I saw Hayes sit down next to me.

"Can I play with you?" He asked grabbing a remote before I even agreed. I nodded.

We play for about 30 minutes.

"You Really suck at this game!" He said laughing.

"I know, I know." I said turning the x-box off and we both walked upstairs. All the guys were in the same positions just they were awake now.

I walked upstairs to my room and Taylor was sitting on my bed playing with his phone.

"Hey babe." He said winking. What a loser.

"Hello!" I said jumping on the bed next to him. "Can we do something today? I am really bored and I don't wanna be around Matt because when I'm around him-"

He cute me off. "Shut up." He laughed. "But yeah, what do you wanna do? I'm yours all day?" He said standing up and stretching.

"Can we go to the mall please?" I said giving him puppy dog eyes.

"Whatever you want." He said.

"I'm gonna go take a shower!" I said getting up and walking to the bathroom.

"Ok, I will be downstairs."

I took and long hot shower. So many thoughts filled my head. Mostly about Matt, some about how the other guys were being so sweet to me.

I got out and wrapped a towel around me. Taylor wasn't in my room anymore so I shut the door and locked it. I quickly changed, grabbed my phone and went downstairs.

All the guys were throwing pillows around.

"You ready?" Taylor asked.

"Where are you guys going?" Matt asked rather quickly.

"Out." I stated walking away.

"To the Mall." Said Taylor answering his question. Why does Matt care were I go? He isn't with me anymore.

Me and Taylor were in the car he had the music really loud and was bobbing his head to the music.

I laughed. Taylor looked away from the road for a second. I felt a sudden jerk and slammed against the dash board. Then I blacked out.

Oh no.

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