Chapter 14: Land of Waves! Tears shed

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Sasuke's View

(oh this is the next day by the way!! Sorry I didn't show that in any way last chapter)

I looked at the time, it was around 7am. I sighed. I headed upstairs and walked into Kanji and Sakura's room. Sakura was blushing like crazy when she saw me walk in. I stood and stared right at her, Sakura giggled and walked up to me.

"Ohayo Sasuke-kun~!" Sakura shrieked

I winced and replied with a simple grunt. Sakura squealed and ran out the room. Took her long enough, might as well get Kanji awake. I walked over to her bed and heard snoring. I sweat dropped, I didn't think she snored in her sleep. I reached out and shook her gently.

"Oi Kanji!" I said

"hm...Izu-kun...hehe...kish meh...*snore*.." Kanji mumbled

I tensed and narrowed my eyes. Who's Izu-kun...? I growled and stood up, whoever this Izu-kun is, better stay away from Kanji! I stopped and knew what this feeling was finally. It was love..I was in love with a Kanji. With that last thought I headed downstairs not without passing Kakashi.

Kanji's view

"hm...Izu-kun...hehe..kiss me..." I said staring into Izumo's eyes

Izu-kun stared right back, my cheeks heated up madly. Izu-kun leaned in, brushing his lips over mine. I felt his hot breath glide over my lips, it felt amazing.

"as you wish.." He replied huskily

Izu-kun finally planted his lips on mine, immediately taking control. I smiled into the kiss and kissed back happily. It turned out into a make out session, but I backed away as I started to lose my breath. I panted and looked him into his eyes.

"Izu-kun...I love you" I whispered

Izu-kun opened his mouth to answer but everything around me started fading away. What's happening!?


I gasped and sat straight up in bed. What the hell happened!!! I panted as water dripped down my face. Wait, water? I looked at my clothes and they were soaking wet! Why are my clothes wet, more importantly who poured water on me! I fumed with anger and clenched my fists together. I heard chuckling to my left, I snapped my head to the left and saw Otōsan.

"Ehh?! Otōsan?!" I shrieked

Otōsan chucked, "Maa, you should have woken up by yourself so this wouldn't have happened. Oh and one question, who and what were you dreaming about?"

I chuckled nervously, and rubbed the back of my head.

"Oh..that's not important, I'll tell you later, ya know. Hehe.." I mumbled sheepishly

Otōsan nodded and walked out the room. I sighed. Now I'm soaking wet in bed, now I have to change. I opened up my backpack and looked for clothes. I pulled out a shuriken, nope, threw it behind me. This went on for awhile, till I noticed that I didn't bring any extra clothes. How in Jashin's name did I forget to bring clothes?! I mean seriously, I should have brought clothes. But who knew someone was going to suddenly pour water on me... I frowned and and turned around. I got pale at what I saw.. Tsunami was in stuck to the wall by several shuriken and kunai, then there was a bunch of my stuff on her. I panicked and ran to help her right away.

"oh I'm so sorry tsunami! I didn't mean it I swear, here just let me take all my weapons out of your clothes hehe." I said while picking out all the weapons. I finished taking the weapons out, and wouldn't stop apologizing to her.

"Oi, Oi! It's alright, just an accident.." Tsunami said

I frowned but nodded either way.

"anyways, I saw what your dad did earlier. So I brought you some of my smaller clothing, here try it on" tsunami said as she shoved a pile of clothes into my hand.

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