I dont wanna like him

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Chapter 9-

Ri- *raspy voice* Hey Tay..*gco*

Taylor- Shh baby girl don't say anything you need rest to only just woke up.

Ri- Where's my mom? *noticing that Taylor is holding my hand*

Taylor- She stepped out for a moment she'll be back..

Ri- Taylor... Why are you here?

Taylor- Ri I care that's why I'm here I'll always be..

*Doctor walks in*

Doctor- Hi Ms.Cole glad to see you've woken up.

Ri- Can I go home now?

Doctor- I'm afraid not we will have to run some tests and see if you're all good but you may leave tomorrow.

Ri- Thanks for everything.

*Doctor leaves and mom walks in*

Mom- ANSLEY MY BABY *cries a little and runs to Ri*

Ri- Hi momma -smiles a little-

Mom- Taylor when did she wake up.?!

Taylor- A few minutes ago, doc said they'd run tests and she can finally leave tomorrow.

Mom- That's great baby! *looks at Taylor* Thanks for being her for her..

Taylor- I care about Ri..

Ri- *mumbles* didn't seem like it..

Mom- What was that baby?

Ri- Oh nothing

*taylor heard it and broke down*

Taylor- *crying* excuse me for a sec

Mom- He's taking this really hard.. I really think he cares about you Ri.

Ri- I know mama can you tell him to come in here and give us a minute?

Mom- Sure thing baby girl *gets taylor who's still upset*

Ri- Tay come here pweaseeee *pouts*

Taylor sat down in the chair next to me and I grabbed his hand right and I didn't wanna let go. I kept telling myself I didn't like him.. I didn't wanna like him after that.

I laid his head on my leg and I ran my fingers through his hair till he stopped crying.

That was the day I knew I loved Taylor...

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