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i have been on youtube and i think people dont realise how funny some of these people are. Youtubers say some of the wierdest shit, and nobody thinks twice about it.

Fuk what i was origanally going to do with this chapter, im just giving you all quotes from youtubers that are fuking hilarious.

We shall start with Dan Howell, as he has the most:

"It's like silly string, it's fun for a few jours, bu then your a mess and everybody hates you."

"I'm about as violent and intimadating as a pink butterfly"

"Oh no good sir, for I have the power of triangles"

"i literally never knew that tea bags could go out of date and i just drank a tea that apparently went off in april 2012 am i going to die"

"thank you to everyone who pointed out i actually managed to put 'everyoone' in my tweet promoting my videos about typos. fml the irony."

"remind me not to try to make jokes okay bye *folds self into paper aeroplane and jumps out of window*"

"just dreamt i was still in school and felt that familiar dread of looming exams and people.. then i woke up. yay! hope you're all surviving."

"words cannot describe the confusion an english person in the u.s experiences when they order an 'english muffin' and are given a crumpet"

"dan howell live shows - where people come expecting a youtuber q&a and get accidental speeches about life and the universe"

"we didn't win so we're going out for burgers"

"phil just fell down the stairs while singing happy by pharrell. it was literally as funny as that sounds. (he's fine so it's okay to laugh)"

There is tonsmore but now im moving on to Phil.

"There was a tiny live moth in my wallet?? Snuggling down on a fiver! Maybe it fancies The Queen"

"AHHH CAPTAIN AMERICA 2! I want to flip head first through my lounge window and punch a car"

"I'm doing that thing where I sit on my bed and talk to a camera!"

"Oww bad headache today! It feels like a tiny beaver is gnawing on my brain"

"Had a morning of Scooby doo and Belgian waffles"

"American drug adverts are terrifying! "allergy tablet side effects may include: eye bleeding, death, uncontrollable toes and furry lungs""

"I saw Frozen on the plane and now I understand ALL THE THINGS"

"I just heard Dan in the bathroom asking Siri 'is Jay-Z an atheist?'"

"New video coming to your house TOMORROW! (or phone) (or electronic weasel)"

"The sun has got his hat on! Hip-hip-hip-hoora- oh no it's causing gravitational issues. THIS IS THE END"

"Phil vs messy bedroom ROUND 3! If I return to the Internet in the next 2 hours you have permission to throw bees at me"

"Survived falling down the stairs! I think my butt is very bruised. Good thing I'm not a famous person's butt double."

"oops slept through my alarm! I still have 3 whole minutes of morning left. How shall I use them?"

"Spent all day in town! Went in a shop that sold the 'scent of dragons blood' for £14. I was kinda tempted."

"I would probably drop my oscar"

"Note to self: stop eating dinner whilst watching The Walking Dead! So many zombie face smushing scenes this season."

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