Opposites Attract 2

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      It was a pleasant Monday morning at Beacon Academy. Team RWBY was still sleeping soundly, but across from their room, team JNPR was blusterous.

      "NORA, LEAVE SOME PANCAKES FOR ME!" Jaune's voice could be heard from the dorm next door.  The sounds of Nora's cheery cackling could also wake up Team RWBY any second now.

      It was now 7:45, and Yang was awake. She is generally the first to awaken, considering how long it takes her to get ready for class. It's the same process every weekday.

      Yang gradually made her way to the bathroom, trying not to wake up her teammates. What's the point of not waking them up when they will any minute now? Well, Yang likes her privacy. The tall blonde entered the bathroom and instantly started the shower.

      Meanwhile, Blake awoken to the sound of Yang's humming. It was a faint hum but was so perceptible. 'She sounds like an angel.' The sweet faunus thought to herself. Blake sat up, stretched, and observed the other bunk bed. On the top bunk, Yang's sister Ruby was sprawled out on the covers, snoring faintly. She was the leader of team RWBY. On the bottom bunk, Weiss slept soundly under her covers, her lengthy white hair was no longer in the prim and proper pony tail it's usually in.

      Blake scanned the room with her sparkling amber eyes, as if she was waiting for something..... or someone. The black haired faunus was so deep in thought she didn't even notice the shower turned off. It was hushed in team RWBY's dorm. That is, until Yang opened the bathroom door. She shuffled out of the bathroom wearing only a towel wrapped around her torso and her long, pale legs.

      Blake took notice of Yang and immediately tried to look away. The tall blonde opened the closet where her uniform was hung neatly on the hanger. She grabbed it and turned around, then her bright lilac eyes met Blake's twinkling amber eyes.

      "Oh hey Blake!" Yang giggled and remembered that she was wrapped in a towel.

      "Good morning. D-did you have a nice shower?" Blake asked shyly. 'Did I really just ask that?! What's wrong with me?'

      "Uh, sure, I guess." Yang replied in a dazed voice. The embarrassed faunus blushed, glancing away from Yang.


      Once all four of the girls were fully awake and ready, they headed for class. Team RWBY entered Professor Port's room right after Team JNPR. Along the walls of the classroom were pictures or sketches of the creatures of grimm. From Ursi to King Taijitu.

      Team RWBY unhurriedly took their seats, they were surprisingly early.

      "Well, let's get this over with." Weiss groaned. Ruby nodded and took her History of Vytal textbook out. Inside the 600 page book was everything you need to know about the continent. It contains facts, and chapters full of them. Activities were at the end of every section, in which Professor Port assigns everyday.

      Once every student arrived, Professor Port began explaining a recent trip he made to the Mistral Region.

      "I know I promised to arrange a field trip to the next regional tournament, but unfortunately, it took place on Saturday." He explained to the class. Yang rolled her eyes at his fake gratitude.

      "Like he would ever take us on a field trip." She leaned over and whispered to Blake in a sardonic tone. Blake agreed and simply nodded, pretending to listen to the teacher. The black haired faunus was not interested in listening to Professor Port at all. The only thing on her mind at the moment was Yang.

      Blake glanced over at her partner without moving her head. She focused on her bright golden hair, then lowered her eyes and amber met lilac. Except the two girls weren't making eye contact, Yang was looking forward. Blake continued to take in the blonde haired girl's beauty. Her amber eyes clearly showed her attraction and passion toward Yang.

      'I really want to tell her how I feel.' Blake thought. She could feel butterflies in her stomach start to fly and mixed emotions beginning show on her face.

      "Ms. Belladonna?" A demanding voice said. Instantly, Blake shot back to reality and looked forward.

      "Yes, sir?" She gulped.

      "The answer? What's the answer?" Her teacher gave her an unsparing look.

      Blake sat there, spaced out.

      "Well, since no one ever pays attention in this class..." Professor Port shook Ruby's shoulder and she immediately woke up.

      "Normal knees!" She shouted, half awake.

      "Every single one of you, detention." The teacher pointed at the whole Team RWBY.

      "Are you kidding me?!" Yang instantly sat up in her seat. She scowled at Blake, and Weiss glared at Ruby.

      'You done it this time, Blake.' The ashamed faunus thought to herself.



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