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Pen Your Pride

Me and Trevor finally arrived downtown .

" Where do you wanna go ? " I asked .

" Do you wanna walk around for a bit until we find something fun ? " Trevor asked .

" Yeah that sounds like a good idea " I said .

Me and Trevor started walking . There was a lot of huge buildings and mini shops .
In the distance I could see a karaoke place . Trevor loves to sing .

" Hey Trevor " I said .

" Yeah? " Trevor asked .

" Do you wanna to that karaoke place ? " I asked .

Trevor's face lit up .

" Yess ! " Trevor said .

Me and Trevor walked towards the karaoke place . We payed for the entrance . We found a small table near the stage .

" When does the karaoke start ? " Trevor asked .

" I think it starts in about 30minutes " I said .

Trevor nodded .

Soon a waitress came and asked us if we wanted something to eat/drink .

Me and Trevor just ordered pizza .

We finished eating and soon the karaoke stand opened . Trevor had already signed up and his number was 4 .

" Hi Lady's And Gentleman , we will be starting karaoke . Number 1 please come to the stage " said the man smiling .

This pretty girl went on the stage . She started to sing ' rolling in the deep ~ Adele '.
Not to be mean but she had a terrible voice . I looked around the the restaurant and some people had blank expressions . Little kids were covering there ears .

She finished singing and she had very little claps . I still clapped for her because I felt bad for her .

" Haha what a performance " said the man awkwardly .

" Number 2 " the man said .

A tall boy went on the stage . He started to sing a song I didn't know . He had a great voice . Once he was done everybody clapped . His face lit up . He walked off the stage .

" Number 3 " said the man .

A little old lady walked on stage . She had a very big smile on her face . She started to sing . She sounded so good for a little old lady . Once she was done everybody clapped . She was really happy .

Next was Trevor .

" Number 4 " said the man .

" Good luck " I said to Trevor.

Trevor nodded and went on stage . He started to sing "the dark side" . He looked like he was having fun on stage . He was smiling the whole time . He had an amazing voice for a 14 year old . He looked like he was 12 though . So did I . Once he was done the audience clapped really hard .

Trevor walked off stage .

The man started talking again .

" Whoa ! that was an amazing performance for a young little boy " The man said smiling .

After that me and Trevor left the karaoke bar .

" Thank you for suggesting this " Trevor said smiling .

" Your welcome " I said smiling .

It was getting late so me and Trevor decided to ride back home .

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