The morning after the night before

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Tyler's POV

I wake up wrapped in Troye's small arms, yet I feel so safe, and warm. light pouring in from the half open floral curtains. Troye looks so beautiful when he sleeps, memories of last night flash back through my head and my body tingles. Last night I claimed Troye, he was mine, he was really mine! I attempt to wiggle out of his arms but he pulls me back towards him by my waist "Nope, Tilly, all mine" Troye slurs half asleep onto my temple. I blush and snuggle back into him scattering delicate kisses on his Adam's apple causing him to shudder. He's awake now. "Tilly" Troye whispered "yes baby?" I responded, he lifted his head up to look at me "what now?" what now? was Troye confused? had we not just dedicated ourselves to one another! "Well what do you mean baby?" was he having second thoughts? "No like with the others.. what are we going to say?" phew easier blow, yet I have no idea how to handle the others i know well be fine " Me and you baby, now and forever, nobody else matters but me, you and us" I softly kiss his lips, much slower and softer than before, everything now means something to have my Troye, huh MY Troye.

"Right I'm going to take a shower...Would you like to join me?" Troye announced, is that even a question? "T, if i ever deny that offer, go find a shovel and smash me round the head with it OK?" Troye just giggles and grabs my wrist pulling me out of bed and towards the shower. "OUCH" Troye exclaims as he steps across the floor I smirk to myself "This isnt funny Oakley" It really was he could hardly walk "Oh is my loving to sensational for you Troye? Do you need to skip out next time?" I wink at him and scoop him up bridal style carrying him across the room "Shut it Tilly" Troye scoffs before latching his arms around my neck. I place Troye on the ground and step into the shower i turn on the water and turn to see Troye still standing in the doorway "so are you just gonna watch me shower?" he smirked "As enjoyable as it is I believe it was I who invited you into my shower!" Troye pushed open the door and joined my in the small shower, The shower was alot smaller than i expected so much that Troye was flat against me. I kiss his lips "Twink" I mumble at him as I scan his body carefully, " A twink who will not be returning to australia without his baby" Troye shot back at me, my eye's widened with confusion and excitement " Bu...but Troye your family your home?" Troye just smiled at me "I called my Mum yesterday before we came to the hotel to talk to her, I saw where this was going, she supports us and she said I can stay in America as long as we visit... urm I mean if its okay with you.." My baby can stay! he can really be here with me "Troye of course! I want you to come live with me in LA, we can go visit your parents in a few months! Im never going to let you go T!" Troye grins and places his forehead against mine "now and forever baby" yeah "now and forever baby" I echo.

We finish washing ourselves, well more washing each other but that's a different matter. Troye and i walk out into our room with towels around our waists

Troye's POV

Tyler's looks like a god stood in front of me in only a towel, His skin is glistening from the water and his hair is pushed back flat, I bite my lip looking at him and he catches my sight path "sexy" Tyler mumbles "wait what?" I question "You and your lip" I blush at Tyler "...And your body and your hair and your smile and your voice, your moan and your coc..." *BANG BANG*  there's a loud knock on the door Tyler walks into the bathroom signaling me to answer the door..blushing in only a towel wow thanks Ty. I walk over and open the door, stood there is the couple from yesterday, the digested ones.

"May i help you?" I ask being as polite as you can to such rude human beings "I have a complaint to issue with you!"  The man at my door strikes out in a stern voice "Proceed" i say staying calm "You and your.. *Cough*..." ah man "Boyfriend" I finish his sentence " Yes your.. boy... that yes, last night, the noise wa..." Tyler emerged from the bathroom still in his towel "BABY WHO'S AT THE DOOR" He yells and walks over to me, Tyler's lips grazing my neck and I moan quietly  "Ty... people" he winks at me, he's playing with them "OH hi, sorry he's just so irresistible" The man looked disgusted and groaned " As i was saying! the noises heard from this room were appalling! I hope your ashamed to be heard and discontinue such load activities!" If Tyler wasn't tracing circles on my hip right now i would have punched him right in the face by now "Well I'm sorry sir..." The man nods in agreement and I'm shocked by Tyler's apology "But frankly sir I don't give a damn!" there it is, The couples jaws hang open and they scrunch their faces in disgust. I start to close the door and Tyler whips my towel off exposing my hip bones through the still half open door "BYE" Tyler shouts.

 I turn to him in complete shock of his last action but before I can say anything he's placing sloppy kisses along my hip bones. My hips buck and Tyler stands back up "get dressed Sivan we've got some parents to explain to!" He is such a tease! I was going to get him back!

I snuck into the bathroom grabbing just my phone from the counter, still missing my towel I locked the door and opened up my camera. I posed and snapped pictures of myselfs from above and below in the mirror, Tyler loves it when I bite my lip! one last picture.. I was going to get Tyler back in front of his family and I was going to get him back!

Tyler's POV (short)

Troye had gone into the bathroom so I dropped my towel and grabbed my phone, I snapped several quick pictures of myself and was about to send them to Troye when he opened the door into the room, I put my phone down and slid on some boxers Troye was going to have the first of my picture promise, infront of my family....

Should be uploading again tonight, Is Jackie going to accept Troyler living together in LA, and how will they respond to eachothers pictures? Thankyou for reading please vote and  comment tell me what you think :) - S

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