Exo's showtime (Teen top, Exo, B.A.P)

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Hiya, kpop fans this story will be written by me, Luhanhoney ( check out my stories T_T/ ) and another friend. English is not everyone's first language so please bear with the punctuation or grammar mistakes. Thank you!! \*.*/

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PS this chapter is written from Sunny's point of view.


The school bell rang which meant the long awaited day was finally here. Everyone was dressed in their most prettiest attire for the big, life changing show; a show that gives a chance for the top two winners in each school to enter the Seoul Preforming Arts School; a school where famous idols used to go to. As the six of us entered the make-up room we saw our rivals surrounded with girls.

We sat down onto the chairs to get our hair and makeup done. As I sat down the leader Park Chanyeol was smirking at me from a distance as if he was planning something to bully me with again. Next to him was the playboy, flirt Zelo who plays around with every girl but doesn't really go out with anyone. Beside him was the sexiest guy in school kai, he was getting his shirt changed in front of everyone and all the girls turned round to get a glimpse of his shaped, chocolate abs~~

On the other side of the room was Niel the guy with the most angelic voice talking to everyone near him. He was being extra loud today and he was no where near going to stop his blabbering, probably too nervous about going on stage. Listening to him without making any facial expression as always was Sehun, the handsome but only expressionless guy in their group. The last and only friendly and normal person in their group was quietly sitting in a corner reading his book and getting his hair done was L.Joe Oppa, my big and ultimate CRUSH!! These guys are our biggest rivals in the competition. Their group is called XOXO and our group is called ANgels.

After we were done with our hair and makeup we went to the practice room for our last rehearsal. When we arrived there, XOXO was already there practicing for their final rehearsal before their performance since they had to perform before us. We were really imprised with there dance moves and beautiful voices but annoyed about their presence as the same time. We were all so amazed that we never realised we were watching them all the way through, when i realised Chanyeol the giant was looking our way.

Chanyeol's POV

When we were finished with our final rehearsal before we had to go on stage, I could see ANgels watching us and dumbfounded upon our amazing talents. "Oh, look who's here, the so-called ANgels" I said with a smirk plastered on my face." Looks like we are definitely going to win tonight, even our rivals couldn't take their eyes off of us." I said. " W..we just didn't want to disturb your chance to rehearse for the last time." Sunny the midget hesitantly defended herself. Suddenly Yoona, one of their band member screamed at the top of her lung "WE ARE GOING TO WIN!!!" which scared the lining day light out of us. "yh right " I said while chuckling at her stupidity.

Sunny's POV

"Wanna bet on it?" Chanyeol said with his members laughing their heads off in the background behind him.

"Sure, why not!" I said trying to sound brave but was worried to what they wanted to bet on.

"Whoever loses in this competition will have to serve the winning team which is of couse us for a whole school term" he said sounding positive that his team is going to win.

"Well then be prepared to be our salves" I said with a smirk on my face.

No one POV

A man came into the practice room signalling that it is time for XOXO to perform.

Sunny POV

While the boys were getting ready to go on stage I looked over to chanyeol and gave him a sarcastic "Good luck!"

"We don't need any luck we are going to win, it's you guys that need all the luck that you can get" 'he said while brushing his shoulder against mine as he was leaving the room.

I suddenly jerked to Chanyeol's sudden movement and put my bag down and so did the rest of the rest of the girls.

Dara's POV

"Why did he make such a ridiculas bet? What will we do if we lose?" Yoona asked worriedly. "Don't worry Yoona, we will definately win." Hana said trying to comfort worried Yoona. I actually liked this idea because this way I could get back with Chanyeol oppa, after misunderstanding that Chanyeol liked Sunny I regreted giving him up because of such a stupid thought of mine. I'm really sorry Chanyeol, for breaking up with you like that.

No one POV

ANgels started their final rehearsal than headed towards the stage.


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Next chapter will decide which group is going to become the slaves and them moving to their new school.

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