After dinner, Steph, Jack J, Jack G and I decided to watch a movie.

                      "Monsters University!" Stephanie begged. 

                      "Yes! Please!" Jack J jumped up and down like a child. I giggled and grabbed the movie for Gilinsky to put in the DVD player. Immediately the movie started and we all jumbled up on the sofa. It was a good half an hour into the movie when I got a phone call. 

                       "I'll be back." I said before walking to the kitchen to answer. It was Nash.


                       "Babe, you need to get over here."

                        "Why, what happened?"

                         "Okay, well, after you left, Cam left then I was sitting reading The Fault in Our Stars like a good boy and then, Hayes came in with  drunk Cameron Dallas."

                        "What the fuck?! Why the hell is he drunk? It's a freaking Monday!" I groaned. "And Why the hell was Hayes with him?"

                         "I don't know why he's drunk Kayla and Hayes didn't go with him, he just helped him up the stairs and into my bedroom."  I heard Cameron yelling in the back. "Cam stop!" Nash yelled.

                          "I'm on my way babe."

                      "Hurry, I love you." he hung up. I grabbed my shoes to put it on and ran to the living room. Everyone was laughing at the movie, when I paused it.

                         "That was my part!" Johnson complained.

                         "We have a situation." I looked at them. "Cameron is drunk at Nash's and he's a bit out of control."  Stephanie's eyes widened as did the Jack's. They all got up and ran to get their stuff but Stephanie didn't move.

                          "I don't want to see him." she stood up. "I can't see him."

                          "Stephanie please. We have the Jack's. You'll be okay." I grabbed her wrist and pulled her along.

                          "Mom! We're going to Nash's. Be right back!" Jack G yelled. We all rushed outside and into Jack's car. We hopped in and Jack drove as fast as he could to Nash's house. When we parked in his driveway we can see though his window and it wasn't going well. Johnson was first at the door and rang the bell. Hayes answered. "Where's Nash?" Gilinsky asked.

                              "In his bedroom with Cameron, i'd hurry up if I were you." He pointed up the stairs. I was last to go in and I gave him a hug. "Be careful, he's been throwing things out of control." Hayes closed the door behind me. Steph stood at the bottom of the stairs and I came up next to her. 

                             "You can do this." I grabbed her hand and we walked up the flight of stairs. The first thing we heard was yelling. 

                          Stephanie stood behind me as we walked into the bedroom. Nash's room was trashed and Nash had a huge cut on the side of his forehead. 

                          "Holy shit Nash!" I ran to him and he was sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. He stood up and hugged me. "Where's Cam? Where are the Jack's?" I looked around the room. 

                         "Their in the bathroom trying to calm him with water or something." He kissed my head. I looked at Stephanie in the doorway and she looked petrified. I walked up to her and she was looking at the ground. 

                       "It's not Cameron. It's not Cameron. It cant be Cameron, he wouldn't do this." She spoke. I lifted her chin so she would look at me.  

                         "Calm down. We know this isn't like him." I hugged my best friend.

                           "In coming!" We heard Gilinsky yell and in came Cameron.

                     "Well, Well, Well. Isn't It Mrs. Grier featuring the most gullible person in the world everyone!" Cameron laughed. He walked to Nash's bed and sat down at the edge.

                             "Cameron, you need to stop!" I walked up to the drunk male and he pushed me.

                        "Don't come near me!" He yelled. "I want Stephanie." He smiled and looked at her. She shook her head no and he walked up to her. "What happened? You don't love me anymore? You don't want any of this? You've always wanted me Stephanie! You are so gullible! Always thinking that I gave a shit about you. Ha! Your wrong! Little Mrs. Lovable is always wrong! But Kayla Grier over here thinks that you will get over me but you cant!" He laughed. She covered her ears and started moving back as he moved forward. 

                                   "Cameron! Stop!" I yelled and ran to him and pushed him. He swung his arm all the way around and slapped me right in the nose. 

                                   "Kayla!" Nash yelled. He ran up to me and carried me to the bathroom. Leaving Stephanie and Cameron in the room by themselves.

                                       'Stephanie's P.O.V'

                                "Stop it Cameron! Your going to regret all this!" I yelled. He moved closer and closer. The smell of alcohol filled my nostril's and I was feeling dizzy.

                                   "You always think everything will be okay Stephanie. But, it's not always like that. You actually thought for a moment that I liked your ugly ass? We're Just Friends and we'll be nothing more than fuck buddies am I right?" I gasped and in came Jack Gilinsky. He walked in pass me and knocked Cameron out with about 2 punches. I sat on the floor and rocked back and fourth like a baby. I cried into my knees again.

                                   "Shh. Shh" Gilinsky sat next to me and I cried on his shoulder. It was quiet, the only thing you heard was my sobbs and Cameron's heavy Breathing.







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