Quest part 3

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As soon as Leo woke up he went and started up the Argo II,he was scared he wouldn't get there on time but he couldn't let that distract him as soon as he got to the sea of monsters he put the Argo II on water so he wouldn't look suspicious.

Meanwhile you were a little tied up literally the cyclopes were stirring a big cauldron and you hoped Leo got here soon,you remebered what Percy had said cyclopes are really dumb (no offense to Tyson or any other good cyclopes's reading this) they can easily be tricked,how you wished Annabeth was here she was really good at times like this then like a light bulb lit in your head you had an idea,you had a small dagger in your pocket all to had to do was tug a little,the dagger would drop,cut the rope and you're free,"Hey" you yelled to the cyclopses,"I won't taste good if you just boil me" the cyclopes looked confused "What do you mean?" He asked "If you just boil me I would taste like water you have to find other taste's too".

"Oh really,like what? He crossed his arms like a little kid "Like um pineapple or honey" he looked at the female cyclopes "I think thats a splendid idea!" She exclaimed "You go find some pineapples and honey and I'll watch her" he nodded and left the cave,now was time for your plan to unfold,but the cyclopes was watching your every move and sadly your plan was ruined.

Leo took his first step on Circe's island and began looking for you,since he didn't tell Chiron he couldn't bring any of his friends so now it was Leo and you vs Ugly cyclopes 1 and ugly cyclopes 2,he grabbed the tracker (In the triton braclet was a chip to tell you were you are,cause Leo is overprotective) and followed the beep.

The cyclopes was sleeping,what a great watcher she is (note the sarcasm),this was your chance of escape so you carried on with your plan and surprisingly it worked as you were about to step out of the cave a hand grabbed your shoulder and threw you against the wall,your vision blurred but you managed to stand up to see a very angry cyclopes,"Do you think I'm stupid" she asked,you wanted to say yes but it wouldn't have helped the situation,"You know what,I don't need pineapple's,honey or fire,I'll just eat you ra-" her sentenced was cut short by a sword in her back she immediately became dust and there in her place was the one and only Leo Valdez.

"Leo!" you said while hugging him "I missed you too water girl" he replied while hugging you back "Come on before the other one comes" you nodded before you even took your first step a voice said "I think its too late for that".

Leo wished that they were back at camp on a date or playing capture the flag but ofcourse they were trapped and tied in a cave,so much for trying to save (y/n) he thought,"Wait,(y/n) do you think you can reach my tool belt?" You nodded,"Now grab the first thing you pull out of it" you grabbed something and pulled and you wouldn't believe what you pulled "Really (y/n) of all the things in my magic tool belt you pull out a toothbrush?" Leo said "Okay I'll try again" you advised and when you pulled this time you pulled out a small pocket knife "Got it!" You said and began cutting your ropes.

After you cut Leo's,the cyclops was too busy putting the pineapple and honey that he didn't see you escaping,you and Leo were going to get out,you were literally about six steps to freedom but obviously something had to go wrong,repair boy stepped on a twig.

After you heard the 'snap' both of you began running like crazy without looking back,knowing that the cyclops was probably chasing you,after a few minutes you could see the Argo II,just as you thought everything would be okay the cyclopes grabbed your leg,tripping you in the process "Leo!" You screamed, just as he heard the scream he turned round to see you on the ground the cyclopes in front of you,"hey ugly"he shouted just as he launched a fire ball at Polyphemus's eyes,to his surprise the monster started laughing "foolish demigod,don't you know that cyclopes are fire proof?".

To be continue

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