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GROWING UP, RIN had many pets

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GROWING UP, RIN had many pets. Animals like iguanas, cats and kittens, fish, hamsters, ducks, and even a raccoon roamed around her house, and that was all thanks to her father who had a soft spot for animals and couldn't help but to adopt them from the pet store or pick off the injured or unclaimed ones from the streets. At one point, her dad even had two cages full of pigeons that somehow escaped and attacked her on her 5th birthday party. When Rin was too busy crying as her grandpa wiped off bird poop from her dress, her mom slapped her dad's chest repeatedly since he seemed to care more about the fact that the pigeons had flown away and the cake was ruined. All in all, it was the worst party Rin ever had and after it was over, her dad slept on the couch for the night since his wife was so upset with him. The cats joined him for the night.

Though the Seo family held posession over the oddest bunch of animals anyone could have ever imagined, a dog had never set paws into their home, and maybe if one did, they wouldn't have been labled as the neighborhood freaks. The only time Rin came in contact with one was when she was walking down the street or sipping water at the park's water fountain once she got tired from riding her bike and needed a break. When she was younger, Rin had never felt the heavy desire to own one, but it would've been nice to play with an animal that would actually respond to her—dad fed the cats too much so they weren't very mobile. Rin never knew what it was like to play fetch with them or comb their fur or make sweaters out of socks for them when they were just puppies. She never got a little present from God (G-o-d, d-o-g, get it? She read it on a pre-teen magazine her mom had subscribed to for Rin).

Still not having much experience with dogs at the age of 23, and moving out of her childhood home overrun by animals once she received the big acceptance letter to the university she applied to via e-mail, it didn't make much sense for her to work as a dog walker, one of her two other jobs that helped her pay bills. Getting paid $3.50 for six dogs each wasn't much, but at least the walks around the park got Rin to excersise, especially when all of the leashes got tangled up and Rin had to untangle them from in between her legs or else she was bound to trip. Walking two chihuahuas, a doberman, an old buggy eyed pug, a shitzu, and wiener dog was totally draining.

After waking up at 8:30 AM and knocking on her neighbors' doors to collect the dogs and hooking them onto their different colored leashes that she had written their names on with sharpie, Rin made her way out of the apartment building and ignored the strange stares she was getting for looking like a total mess, and of course, trailing behind six, hyper dogs. Once she got to the park, she did three laps around the greenery and playground, taking pitstops to let the dogs do their business. Kilo was the doberman that liked to bite hands for no reason, and that's what Rin told the little kids who were curious, but one little girl didn't listen. She cried as soon as Kilo bit her, and her mom came rushing to her aid, getting mad at Rin, but she was too tired to snap back at her, so the chihuahuas did it for her, growling at the annoyingly loud lady until she picked up her kid and left. "Gee, thanks! Let's get all of you guys some treats." Rin pats all of their heads, smiling.

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