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TODAY WAS THE DAY Jeongguk would go back to being a Psychology student, stepping on the grounds of his University once again

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TODAY WAS THE DAY Jeongguk would go back to being a Psychology student, stepping on the grounds of his University once again. For the past three weeks, he spent his days down at the Dragon's Breath working his shifts wiping down tables and serving dishes, staying up late with Kodi who refused to go to bed no matter how many stories and lullabies Jeongguk read and sang, and went back and forth between cooking homemade food for him and Kodi or picking up greasy burgers at a fast food joint along with Kodi's favorite shake, chocolate with two cherries on top. He spent most of his 21 days with Kodi when he got home, having no one else other than his son to talk to. They watched movies together and crashed on the couch when it got too late and Jeongguk didn't want to wake up Kodi from the comfortable position he fell asleep in while watching an animated movie; he cried whenever Jeongguk moved him, then fell asleep again.

He said yes to Franny's offer of going with her to the park for movie night, which was the most eventful highlight of his break, other than Kodi somewhat getting the hang of aiming at the toilet bowl. After their shift at the restaurant was done, they changed into their normal clothes and bid Kodi and Madam Liu goodbye. They shot a look of disapproval at Jeongguk as he helped Franny put on her jacket, but he brushed it off, handing the key to his apartment to Madam Liu where she and Kodi would spend the rest of the night reenacting the fight scene from King Kong vs. Godzilla; they'd pad the floors with pillows and stuff them up their shirts. Protection was a must of course, wouldn't want anyone breaking a hip.

When they got to the park, a white screen was set up and plastic chairs and blankets littered the grass. Franny and Jeongguk approached her friends and when they asked her who he was, she panicked and said that he was her boyfriend of four weeks. One of her friend's almost spit out her cherry coke and the others held in laughs, making it seem as if they couldn't believe a girl like her was dating someone like him. Jeongguk got so upset at their judgemental eyes that he grabbed her hand and brang it up to his lips, kissing it. "It was nice meeting you guys, but I think my beautiful girlfriend and I will go buy snacks now. See you in a bit." He smiled at them and their o shaped mouths, dragging Franny away with him to the snack bar. "You're friends are total assholes, sorry." Jeongguk shrugged and looked at Franny who was smiling brightly. She squeezed his hand. "I know, I'm working on trying to cut them off. Anyway, thanks for the save back there." "It's what friends are for,"

As the subway squeaked to a stop and the former passengers flooded out, Jeongguk yearned to go back to that day, watching a scary silent movie with Franny and her jerk friends instead of coming face to face with the reality of going back to school. Kodi's hand now replaced Franny's and Jeongguk squeezed it as more and more people loaded onto the subway and more came out, not wanting to lose Kodi in the mess of it all. Once they stepped onto the platform, Jeongguk scanned over the subway to find a place for him and Kodi to fit in for the rest of the ride. He eventually found a space for him to sit next to an elderly man, so Jeongguk placed Kodi on his lap and handed him one of his toys. "What a beautiful child!" the elderly man smiles and his eyes crinkle as he looks at Kodi, who reached out for his hand. The man pats his head and Kodi giggles. He takes notice of the basket with a blanekt atop of it next to the old man and grows curious. "Grandpa, what do you have in there?"

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