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SEO RIN is a busy Phsycology major

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SEO RIN is a busy Phsycology major. She works three part-time jobs to make money for her school books and rent, all of which she finds time to study during her shifts. Rin is too busy to pay attention to herself. She hardly has time to sleep, and the last time she bought a new pair of shoes was four years ago. The only time she slows down her fast pace is to make herself French braids on the bus that takes her to campus. During class, she sits in the third row on the sixth to last chair, scribbling notes down, blocking everything out except for the professor's lecture.

JEON JEONGGUK is a busy Psychology major. He works three part-time jobs: being a student, being a waiter at the Chinese restaurant across the street from campus, and being a single father. He has eye bags from staying up late to study and taking care of his child who calls out for him because he wet the bed or is too scared to close his eyes. Jeongguk spends all the money he makes on rent and buying diapers and clothes and shoes for his baby boy, who just hit the three year mark. During class, he sits in the third row on the eighth to last chair, typing out notes and feeding his child animal crackers and baby food.

JEON KODI is a busy toddler. He still isn't potty trained and has trouble picking out which toy to play with. He works three part time jobs: stacking up toilet paper rolls and knocking them down, pretending to be Godzilla, being the world's best hide and seek player, and taking care of his long, dark hair, which he takes pride in, believing it's the prettiest hair any little boy could have. During his daddy's class, he sits in the third row on the seventh to last chair, admiring and touching the girl's braids who is sitting next to him, hoping his dad could learn how to make them for him and his beautiful hair.

JEONGGUK gives in to KODI and approaches RIN.



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