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KIDS WERE DUMB. Sure, they were still in the early stages of understanding right from wrong and knowing when to shut their mouth when they were supposed to, but kids were a total nuisance and their actions were totally pulling-out-your-hair worthy. They were roudy and rude and had high pitched laughs and, ugh, Rin didn't even want to get started on the ones who just hit puberty. Those were the worst kind; acting all high and mighty and adultlike, which they weren't even close to. Rin was only jealous of the girls who just received the gift from Mother Nature because their breasts were growing and seemed to be one-upping her and her barely A sized breasts. All in all, kids were annoying and were the spawn of Satan. Rin was 100% sure of it.

Despite having these feelings toward the little punks, ironic of Rin to work at a kid's party place as one of her part-time jobs. What was she supposed to do? The payment amount for rent suddenly inscreased and the pay from her other two minimum wage jobs wasn't cutting it. She went out of her way to buy newspapers at the supermarket and look through the ads to see if she could come across one being put in for wanted workers. The options came down to working at the library or the party place. Rin didn't get the job at the library because she struggled to organize and type in books in English, so she went down to party place building. Being so desperate for a job, she even brought her little cousin Jenna with her to show how much she loved kids. She squeezed her cheeks and played with her hair and ultimately got the job. Rin treated her for ice cream and because she managed to put a major knot in Jenna's hair,–which she cried over because it hurt so much to take out–Rin bought her three scoops and fish cakes from down the street.

Since then, working with kids has somewhat changed her feelings toward them; just a little. Rin still didn't view them as perfect angels, but some made the exception. She even managed to make some frenemies who pushed her into the ball pit and pinned her down from getting back up, but they always brang her a juice box when she actually got out and laid on the floor breathless. So yes, working at the party place gave her a change of character judgment, but still, kids were still kids and they all managed to fall under the bratty section in their own ways. The only actual friends she had were two little boys, one with a bowl shaped haircut and one with long hair. Rin never caught their actual names because their imagination got the best of them and she had no idea who their parents were. They were cute and all, but they always clung onto her legs, which made it hard for her to work and cut cake for demanding children.

Today was different though. It was one of those days where workers didn't have to deal with snot wiping or bright yellow Spongebob themed decor or screaming. No, today was probably worse. A birthday party was being held today for a preteen who has even more preteen friends. It was a total nightmare and half the time it wasn't even a party because drama still always managed to take the spotlight. So, instead of monitoring the even bigger brats, Rin sat on the kitchen floor with a tub of ice cream sitting on her lap as she shared it with her only friend during work who was actually her age, Namjoon. When Rin thought she was having a bad day with the kids, she always thought of Namjoon. Poor guy had gone through hell and back with them because he was actually the kids' favorite.

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