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Lena: *looks at Kara and busts out laughing* Haha! Remember when you were jealous of Jackie? *chuckles* Good times. 

Kara: *pouts* Shut up, Lena.

Lena: Seriously, love, I am, like, sooooo gay. I'm the gayest of the gay. I am John Barrowman level gay. Why did you ever think...

Kara: Well, I like boys and girls, so you could, too. I didn't know!

Maggie: *snorts* Seriously, Little Danvers? Lena has never even looked twice at a guy. Lena's almost as gay as me!

Lena: Gayer.

Maggie: Let's not get crazy now...

Kara: *still pouting* Alex, they're making fun of me!

Alex: *trying not to smile* Kar, you have to admit, they've got a point. 

Kara: No fair! You're my sister! You're supposed to stand up for me! *sighs* Mon El would've stood up for me.

Alex: Mon El followed you around like a puppy. You could literally do no wrong in his eyes.

Lena: Besides, *looks sadly off into the distance* he's still alive. 

Kara: Awww, Lena, I'm so sorry! I remember how upset losing Jack made you! C'mere babe. *opens arms*

Lena: *allows herself to be cuddled by Kara* Thanks, Kara. Y'know what would make me feel better?

Kara: What?

Lena: *teasing smirk* You admitting you were jealous of Jack.

Kara: Was not.

Lena: Were too.

Kara: Was not!

Lena: Were too!

Kara: Ok, maybe a little...

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