In Response to 2.14

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As usual, Lena is already screaming. This time, however, Kara looks positively pissed.

Lena: Those freaking writers! How? Why? 

Kara: I know! Ugh, I hate them.

Lena: Wait... you hate someone? You actually hate someone? You're not trying to calm me down?

Kara: Nope. Let's burn them. Let's sneak into their houses and burn them all. 

Maggie: Woah, now, little Danvers. Murder is wrong. Seriously, though, if looks could kill.

Kara: *moves to sit next to Alex and wraps her arms around her protectively*

Alex: *sniffles*

Kara: Where in Rao's name did they get the idea that I would curl up on my couch under a blanket by myself after Alex went through something so traumatic! By the time Maggie got to Alex's place, I was already curled up with her, holding her, comforting her as we bawled our eyes out together! We're the damn Danvers Sisters! How could they mess up so badly?

Maggie: It's true. You guys were a mess of mascara, ice cream, and tears when I showed up. 

Lena: I remember that night... 

Maggie: Yeah, I called you almost immediately. I can deal with one heartbroken Danvers girl, but two? Uh-uh, they would make me cry, they look so pitiful. 

Lena: They really do. 

Kara: Well, I'm not heartbroken anymore. I'm pissed!

Lena: Did Kara Danvers just say she was pissed?

Kara: They forced me to say it. There is no other way to describe how I'm feeling right now. *wraps arms tighter around Alex* *murmuring* I'm so sorry, Alex. I'm so sorry that you were reminded of all of this. 

Lena: Maggie and I are going to go get potstickers and scotch, ok? We'll be right back. I figure we should give you two a moment. 

Alex: Th-they left out the part where they had to drag him away kicking and screaming. I don't know which version was worse. *on the edge of tears* I'm not ok, Kar.

Kara: Of course you're not. *tears streaming down her face* I'm here, though. It's ok. We'll get through this together. And we have Maggie and Lena and- 

*phone rings*

Kara: Hello?

Melissa: Hi Kara, it's Melissa. I just wanted to say how sorry I am about the episode. Those were actual tears in that last season. I was crying for you. I hope you and Alex are holding up ok. Chyler went ballistic on the writers after they cut the Alex-Kara hug scene. 

Kara: *smiling sadly* Tell her that Alex and I really appreciate that. Thank you. 

Melissa: Of course. Try not to let your evening be ruined. *hangs up*

Alex: *mumbling* It's a little late for that...

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