In Response To 2.16

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Kara: Yesssss! Finally! Oh, it's such a relief for CW me to be out of that TOXIC relationship! 

Lena: And maybe CW Lena can come and comfort heartbroken Kara, y'know, be there for her in her time of need, help her realize how bad Man-Hell was for her, just two Gals bein' Pals...

Maggie: I scared Winn waaay more than that episode portrayed, ok? I'm a badass cop... That scene was nothing compared to the original.

Alex: Let it go, Mags. Just be happy for Lena and Kara. Look how great things turned out!

Lena: Katie just texted me and told me to check Twitter. Trending right now- #Karamelisoverparty. This is great. 

Kara: Woohoo! Did you say party? *starts playing Celebration and dancing like an idiot*

Alex: *facepalms* Kara, you're embarrassing me!

Maggie: *grins and starts dancing with Kara*

Alex: Maggie, you're embarrassing me!

Lena: Come on, Alex, embrace it! *kisses Kara* *starts dancing as well*

Alex: *pouts*

Maggie: *kisses Alex* Please, babe? It's so much fun!

Alex: *blushes* Ah, what the hell? *starts dancing*

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