In Response to 2.13

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Lena: *angry yelling*

Alex: She's been like this for two hours. Make it stop!

Maggie: *fires two blank shots*

Lena: *looks up startled*

Alex: Thank you.

Kara: *sits down next to Lena* *puts her arms around her* *murmuring* It's ok, sweetie, it's ok. It's just a show. It isn't real. 

Lena: They're doing everything wrong!

Kara: I know, gorgeous, I know. 

Lena: Give me my phone. I have to call Katie.

Kara: Lena, are you sure that's the best idea?

Lena: *already dialing* 

Katie: Hello?

Lena: How could you LET THIS HAPPEN?

Katie: Look, I'm sorry. I tried my best, but the writers are so stubborn! I even suggested that Kara's words about not forcing love could be about herself as well as Mr. Mxyzptlk. She could have been realizing that she didn't really like Mon-El, she was just trying to force herself into a heterosexual relationship because she was in love with Lena but didn't want to steal Alex's coming out thunder, so she was trying to repress it, and Mon just happened to like her, so it was convenient, but they didn't go for it. 

Kara: Hang on, what's that noise in the background?

Katie: Oh, that's Melissa whispering 'character development' over and over again to herself as she rocks back and forth. She's curled up in the fetal position in the corner of my apartment. Filming that last scene really took a toll on her. I should probably go. *shouting* Melissa! Hey! It's not real! Not the TV, that's expensive!

*loud crash*

Katie: Gotta go!

Mon-El: *bursts through door* Did you see what just happened? 

Kara: *shudders* Yeah...

*both look at each other* 

Mon-El and Kara: Ew...

Lena: That's it! I'm recreating that last scene, only I am Mon-El. Kiss me, love. Kiss me like Melissa kissed that stupid Daxem boy. 

Kara: *between kisses* Whoa... Down Lena. Lena? Len- *gives in and kisses Lena back*

Sanvers: Double ew...

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