In Response To 2.15

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Kara: They fixed us... They fixed us! Ha ha, Alex, look, the show fixed us! Finally!

Lena: Melissa carried Katie... Melissa carried Katie! She caught her in the air and carried her bridal style! They could be fixing things! 

Maggie: I got to shoot Alex's gun... I got to shoot Alex's gun! I don't even get to do that in real life! Woohoo, would ya look at that?

Alex: They let Maggie shoot my gun... They let Maggie shoot my gun! That is my gun! What the heck, writers. 

Kara: *gives Grumpy Alex a hug* But they fixed us! That's good, right? They realized that they screwed up and made us friends again!

Alex: Yeah... I guess. Did it sting to watch yourself get fired again?

Kara: *grumbling* I still blame Mon for that... "You're the most moral person I know, Kara. If you think it's right, it must be right." Well, I've got news for ya pal, ALEX SAVED THE FREAKING DAY AND I LOST MY JOB! MY CATCO JOB! CAT GRANT WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS WHEN SHE FINDS OUT!

Cat: *kicks down Kara's door* You're damn right she won't! Come on, Kara, darling, let's go get this whole mess cleaned up. 

Lena: *pulls Kara protectively into her lap* *hisses*

Cat: *glares at Lena* I'm sure I can talk some sense into Snapper Carr. I know where he lives.

Lena: *licks Kara's face*

Kara: Really Lena? *turns to Cat* That's alright, Ms. Grant. We can wait until the morning to talk to him about getting my job back. 

Cat: *sighs* Alright... *exits*

Lena: I'm coming with you!

Kara: No, you're not. You have work. If Cat can't work her magic, someone has to provide for us. Supergirl doesn't make a lot, you know. 

Maggie: Speaking of Jealous Lena, when is CW-Kara gonna realize that she's in a relationship with an abusive piece of crap?

Kara: I dunno... Hopefully soon. I think he's getting into her head... "Maybe having you and being Supergirl is enough"? Hell no, it's not enough! Kara is who I am!

Lena: And I realize that!

Alex: Don't go thinking you're a special snowflake, now. I realize that, too, and so does Maggie and James and Winn and Cat and Lucy-

Kara: *blushes when Lucy is mentioned*

Lena: *growls* Don't bring her up!

Alex: *in a sing-songy voice* Lena's jealous of Lucy. Luthor's jealous of Lane. Lena's jealous of Lucy. Luthor's jealous of Lane. L-

Lena: Alright, enough! Enough! Who wouldn't be jealous of Lucy Lane? Kara has explicitly said she wanted to date her, back on season one, where the writers actually interviewed the people that the characters were based off of. 

Maggie: Can you blame her? Lane sure does smell nice...

Alex: Mags!

Maggie: Come on, you know I love you.

*Sanvers kiss*

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